Kissos & Alexa


Kissos never knew he had been dismissed through the road less taken.

Two doors opened waiting while a third had sent all his Jinn away, weakened and abated.

He was left all powerless, excommunicated, not even Aversion was left in his wake.

Crystal balls were shattered when the ties were broken,

It was done in silence, while she stayed away.


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An elegant an empowering look as is the usual with this creator. A pencil skirt with a peplum top with a round neck and long sleeves, leaving the back exposed in a diamond frame.

The outfit comes in three colors, with a stripe of black, shimmery fabric down the middle front and back. The hood is included as an alternative and it is size modifiable.

An exclusive for Marvelous Event Monthly-November  at 25% off during the event. Available in 3 colors, original, magenta and teal. 100% Mesh.  Top in FITMESH and for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh body sizes. The Skirt comes in classic sizes that will fit some mesh bodies.

Byrne – Alexa (In Magenta Pics 1 & 3 and in Original Pic 2).  Hair by Truth (Pic 1 & 3). Hair by Lelutka (pic 2). ChicChica – Shoes. Jewelry by Luxe. Gizza – Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses Floral Relief worn on hand. LaGyo – Earrings.

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Lo Moon – Loveless

R E S P E C T!

Landa NMT


LUXE Paris Fashion House is proud to associate with the ” Noli Me Tangere ! Don´t Touch Me! ” Group in it´s efforts against violence towards women.

This outfit has been created specially in order to propagate the message of ending violence against women, as well as to give instructions on where to look for information and help.

This is  an effort that holds sensitizing and making people conscious as its goal, through three fundamental pillars:

  1. Violence against women
  2. Violence during courtship
  3. Violence by means of Internet manipulation.

Aiming to contribute to the mitigation and prevention of all these.

¨Loved¨ is one of the main elements of this campaign against violence towards women.

Translated from the ¨No Me Toques¨ Website.

For this text in Spanish please click here!

Bazz No me Toques II

Whether from partners, lovers, family members, internet groups, social media or our so called ¨friends,¨ the truth is that none of us should just sit there and take any kind of abuse, no matter which gender we belong to or gravitate towards.

Behind every abuser there is manipulation and

once we recognize it we should just walk away.

Identify them for what and who they are:

Tiny, little fragmented, sorry souls; too scared to love and be loved.

Damaged little people (remember trolls?) afflicted with every kind of soul disease there is:

Sadism, psychopathy, machiavellianism and who knows what else.

These traits should be acknowledged and when we do, we´ll find it easier to look at these trolls of people for who and what they really are.

Once we do,  we have no other way to feel but to rejoice in the fact that we are indeed empowered at last to walk away and decide when the end of that movie will arise.

The power is yours!

Whether physically, emotionally or on the internet,

don´t you ever touch us unless to give us love.


The ”Noli me tangere! No me toques” group fights all kinds of violence against women:

slaving, violence in the family, violence in relationships, psychological violence, rape, sexual exploitation, clitoris ablation and femicide (murder of a women because of her gender).

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Luxe Paris – No Me Toques! Outfit. High paper bag waisted palazzo pants,crowned with a bikini top with intricate detail. Liziaah – Chandelier Earrings. .Shi – Bracelets

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Deadwool – Suit worn without a vest. Redgrave – Tyler hair. TMP – Ring.

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Kunglers and Mua_001

She watched the lanky silhouette disappear upon reaching the horizon, not knowing if she would ever see him again.

She blurted out the name in her mind yet no-one heard.

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Almost like a display of fans upon the stage of a burlesque cabaret, these are the  perfectly exotic chandelier earrings of the sort we only find perhaps at the Place Vendôme in RL Paris.  These earrings are vailable in a whole array of stones and colors.

The lipstick worn makes your pout look as if you had just kissed colored sugar.  Give ´em a try at the J&A Expo :).

Kunglers – Shani Earrings in Ruby.  MUA – Anamaria Lipstick for Catwa, Lelutka & TMP.  Both available at the J&A Expo.  Valentina – Fur. Hair by Lelutka.

Amy Winehouse – I Love You More Than You´ll Ever Know