Moi! Le Chat Errant


The Petit Chat Collection for her Art Fashion Line for Penumbra FW SS15 was simply sublime.  The color, accessorizes and prints where carefully orchestrated to go hand in hand, complementing each other.

Take for example the dress above, shorter in the front and with a long train on the back.  It definitely has been done before no doubt, however,  Trinity Yazimoto´s print for it turned the dress into, not only a completely different proposition for summer,  but also a work of art.

Petit Chat – Whisper of Roses Gown. Includes jewelry and headpiece. Available at Penumbra FW SS15 Retail Area.

Heaven ... or Hell?
Heaven … or Hell?

The jumpsuit above with its cut out bra in a flower meets geometric lattice shape, sits above an original print by Trinity Yazimoto.

The lycra pants in blue, alongside the wings in the same color, take it a cut above what should be worn by a modern day super heroine or an otherworldly angel.

The ensemble comes with a pentagram harness (not shown).

Petit Chat – Safeguarding Outfit. Available at Penumbra FW SS15 Retail Area.  Jewelry – Chop Zuey. Hair – Entwined.

Au Revoir Peut-Être
Au Revoir Peut-Être

Another artful creation from Petit Chat´s Art Fashion Line.  The strapless midi dress above in a dream like print, comes with the euro asian inspired headpiece, earrings and bracelets.

Petit Chat – Dancing in the light dress, jewelry and headpiece! Available at Penumbra FW SS15 Retail Area.


This seriously sexy dress has a sweetheart strapless décolleté. It is cut very close to the body all the way below the knee.

For me it works better with a system body and not a  mesh one as otherwise I have to thin the legs!

The print is again dreamy and its color scheme is simply ¨magnifique.¨ The petal like stole, matching the darker colors of the dress, is included.

Petit Chat – Gone with the wind dress.  Available at Penumbra Fashion Week Retail Area.   Jumo – Fascination Purple Diamond Jewelry.

Un Chat Que J´ai Apprivoisé – Camille Couteau


Follow the Sun

Petit Chat
Petit Chat

There´s no other place warmer than the heart 

The embrace of a lover  

The kindness of a friend

The hold of your loving hand  

The tenderness of a brother´s smile. 

Style Info

Strapless dress with exquisite scalloped shapes on the hem and around the edge of the décolletage.

The effect renders it almost like a  piece of very delicate lace.

The printed texture is an original by Artist and Designer Trinity Yazimoto.

Petit Chat – A Warm Place Dress.  From her ArtFashion Collection.  The dress includes a hat (not shown) and it is a Sneak Peek exclusive for the April/May 2015 Round.  Ryca – Neck Plate. Yummy – Earrings. Maubray – Bracelet. Truth – Hair.

Parov Stelar – The Sun


Market Day Find

Petit Chat
Petit Chat

In the process of getting to know ourselves we need to look straight in the eye of all  the ingredients that make us who we are and that includes those dark and not so nice aspects of ourselves which we all have and of which,hopefully, we are aware (like transfats perhaps lol). 

What makes someone valuable as a person is not the absence of one dark quality or another, but rather the ability to harness them, control them and guide them towards where we want them to be and not the other way around.  Anger for example is a rather powerful source of raw force that can help propel us towards a positive goal if harnessed correctly when we use it to reinforce say, our will power, for example.

The same is true about the good qualities that we may have.These too need to be harnessed and controlled in order to administer the right dosage in every situation we encounter, otherwise they can hinder us as in the case of an excess generosity and understanding.   I know, easier said than done, but we can still strive for it.

Getting to know our own selves can take a lifetime and sometimes even more because of the complexity of our beings.  Perhaps this is why the ingredients in our hearts and souls can´t yet be listed and attached to us as if a label on products on the supermarket racks.

Very possibly the ingredient´s percentages per serving of our very varied ingredients will vary depending on the hour of day, the time of year and the circumstances around us.  Ranges and averages  would actually make our listings much more accurate and fair! 

Embracing all aspects of ourselves and loving us just as we are, allows us to become whole instead of fractured individuals defined merely by the polarity of the moment even as we strive to reach a better version of our very selves.

Likewise, a person who truly loves us will not just love one aspect of ourselves but the entire complexity of our being – yucky bits and all – wether in SL or RL or somewhere out there  in the ethers of time.  

Style Info

Raw silk dress perfect for spring.  It bares the arms with the neckline gathering at the neck and textured with Petit Chat ArtFashion Collection.  The original artwork is available at the gallery.  The bag and the watch have intricate details are included in the pack.

Petit Chat – Lose Yourself Dress, Watch and Bag: exclusively available at Sneak Peek February Round.  Tableau Vivant – Hair. Location – The Grocery Store and SuperMarket.

 I just love Pharrell. The guy always makes me want to dance

Lost Yourself – Daft Punk