Precious Shorts (cuts)

Laser Cut Out Shorts
Laser Cut Out Shorts

Has it ever happened to you ?   You know it in your heart.  You feel it is your fate.  You have instant recognition and perhaps because of this you try to cut to the chase and grab it.

Ignoring the necessary steps to get there you reach out too soon because you believe you already know the outcome.   We get surprised when it does not work.  We were so sure …

The thing is that  in spite of the feeling of belonging  we  still have to pay our dues.   Take it slow, think ahead and let it be.   Feel the love.  Taste the agony.  Know the bliss.  Touch the  sorrow.

Standing bravely against the odds, you look at love in the eye and trying your best not to run away you walk the road come what may.

Then and only then, do things have a tendency to fall into place … one by one …  because in love and in life, there really are no shortcuts.

Perfect Transitional Shorts for SS13
Perfect Transitional Shorts for SS13

Styling Info

Laser cut out shorts by .Shi

Leather Bikini Color Change Top by .Shi (Group Gift)

Fabric Necklace by .Shi

Medor Bracelet by Epoque

Armadillo Gold Ring by LaGyo

Yellow Espadrilles by Similar

Until Next Week, xoxo, Landa!
Until Next Week, xoxo, Landa!



Lusting For Love When You Walk On The Wild Side

Chiaroscuro, the renaissance drawing technique.  It makes me think about the past and the present, the good and the bad.   The loved and unloved.

I Close My Eyes To Think of You …

How many people have you loved?

If you no longer love them, does it mean that the love was a mirage or did it really do exist?

If you ask me today how many  I ´ve loved, I would not count the one who, at the age of 13, made me suffer for a whole year.     Yet, for an entire year of my existence, I found it difficult to live without the ¨ older man¨ of – just – 16.

A Desperate Veiled Confusion When Pondering Matters of The Heart

Does it mean that I never really loved him?   Or is it really that I loved him with a 13 year old heart; so that  my current definition of love,  having expanded and deepened, can no longer include him in the lucky club ?

If we ever loved, do we ever really stop loving ?

I want to ask you these questions and more, so take a moment to answer the survey.   Results will be announced in two weeks …

… Love Means … Sometimes Having To Say Your Are Sorry …

This wonderful set of separates from Solidea Folies is the perfect chiaroscuro outfit for me.

The long ample skirt in sinuous silk is kept in place by the leather straps that attach it to your waits and hips.  Tough and tender, masculine and feminine.

The jacket with its ample décolleté that screams of womanhood and life  and yet the back holds a silvery skull (not shown), with a play of opposites.

The Hat Cap, is  masculine yet it covers the face with a feminine veil finishing at the neck with a black pearl necklace … Chiaroscuro …

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Styling Info

Take a walk on the wild side Skirt – Solidea Folies at BOSL
Jacket: Lust for life – Solidea Folies
Hat and Necklace – Solidea Folies
Blush – Miss Shippe (Vintage)
Lipcolor – Blackliquid
Necklace and Rings – Finesmith & Bandit

Samhain Thoughts Happy Irish New Year !

The Smart Woman´s Costume … Innuendo´s  Witch Outfit Promo. Chic and Only  10L !

Too ignorant to distinguish between evil and the search for knowledge, they killed thousands and thousands of them.   Beheaded, burnt or sacrificed to the deities of fear and obscurity to appease their appetite for control and mass manipulation.  But still  their legacy remains in the form of the thinking woman.  The ¨Witchy-Baitch¨ feared by many yet desired by men.

In Memory of All Those Beheaded or Burnt Beauties – Females and Males – During Those Unfair Witch Hunts

Oh! how boring a life without her … the strong precursor of every emancipated female and the terror of patriarchal society.  On Samhain´s  Eve ( literally ¨End of Summer¨- The Celtic or Irish New Year )  we remember all those who paved the way and who were unjustly sacrificed.

Styling Info

Eye Make Up, Body Stocking, Long Skirt and Hat – Innuendo Witch.  10L Promo !

Belt – Lelutka

Boots – SyS part of Kiinya Outfit at Avenue Cinque

Fur neck, shoulders and wrists – Miamai. Part of Rure Hunt Gift

Shake Up Vintage Ring

Earrings and Bracelet – Finesmith

Flying Broom – Magick Happens By Monavie