A Million Miles Away


… Your shadow follows me all day
Making sure that I’m
Okay and we’re a million miles away… 

Spike Jonze, Orzokel & Karen Lee

Style Info

Intricate criss cross forms intertwined with wide stripes of fabric make up this original mesh. Available in different colors that you can definitely mix and match.

Covering just the necessary bits and exposing your wonderful smooth skin, the ensemble is half futuristic, half urban legendary heroine.

RAPTURE™ – Dakara Outfit in Amethyst. Available at The Inspiration Event until September 30th. Slack Girl – Tammy Eye Make Up for Lelutka Mesh Heads. .Shi – Earrings.  Gizza – Tribal Armbands. Part of Tribal Set. Azoury – Shoes. Hair by Truth.

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Solidea Folies

The original designs of the all time favourite Solidea Folies are back with the outfit above. A haute concoction of silk like textures. The short, skirt is draped asymmetrically and it hangs not too low on the waist.  The top is cropped and flared with an off-the-shoulder neckline and flute long sleeves.

A flower attachment is included as shown.  Although I am wearing it with a mesh body, in my opinion the outfit is more suitable for the system avi.  At 700L a pop it´s a good idea to try it before you buy it. Available in Black, White and Bubble Gum Pink. Simple, elegant and haute!

Solidea Folies – Becca Outfit in Black. .Shi – Ring. Ryca – Earrings.  Hair by Entwined.

Place in this story – DAD Designs Japanese loft.


The Moon Song – Karen O & Ezra Koenig


Journey in Stripes

Vero Modero
Vero Modero

For several days  I had  the feeling the something was about to happen.  I woke up today only to find that the so called ¨Lioness¨ had passed away during the night.  

I only really saw her once in my life even though I got to spend quite a lot of time in her home; a tall impressive figure with massive amounts of the darkest colored hair, who conducted herself in the most aristocratic way.

The rest of the time she was just this deep, profound voice, shouting out instructions without moving from her alcove.   So deep was her voice  that it made the walls of the house resonate with seeming thunder-like-strength.

It was a voice that mandated, directed and bossed around; perhaps because it was the only way in which she could express that underneath the sourness of her personality, deep down she really cared?

During her youth, her parents had sent her abroad to finish her studies.  It was at this time that she met the love of her life, but coming from different socio-economic backgrounds, she had kept the marriage a secret. Once her studies had concluded, her family called her back into her country of origin.  

By then her husband had become the right hand of a certain Doctor who was soon to become notorious for his political actions and views.  

She came back and complied with  her parents´ ¨only¨ wishes. They had the marriage annulled, as if it had never happened and she never saw him again. She grew increasingly bitter after that.  

I want to think that early today when she parted, her long lost love – who parted first – ,  was there for her.  

I want to think that they are now together at last and that she will become the candid, joyful girl they said she was.

Good bye ¨Lioness¨!

Style Info

A close to the body miniskirt with slits on each thigh is topped with an open bandage halter top. All in red. The dress comes with a black coat (not shown) with multiple transparent stripes.  Worn alone it´s a great outfit for clubbing. Wear it with the coat shall you need more coverage!

VERO MODERO – Stripped Skirt Outfit in Red. Solidea Folies – Vintage Bracelet.  Truth – Hair.  Venue: The Energy Club

Gustavo Santaolalla – De Ushuaia a la Quiaca



The universe we now is constantly balancing itself in order to sustain its existence.

We can observe this in the play of nature.  It seeks its much  needed  equilibrium and balances  its forces when one or the other  seems to go over the limits of what constitutes a healthy balance of forces.

This balancing act, this reciprocal hunger  and longing, finds its satiety only in its unity and then balance is achieved.   Thus,  harmony prevails when we seek union with our opposite just like the ying and the yang.

…Just like love …

The Appearance of Darkness
The Appearance of Darkness

This dress by Beautiful Dirty Rich came for 1L thru the market place.   It comes in 4 colors.  Black, Plum, White and Red.

In the 1st picture I opted for the plum one, finding the white one too innocent and the red one too slhorish.

The outfit comes with Lolas appliers so other than in the privacy of my home I felt more comfortable covering them up with a bomber jacket, this time by Ison in Taupe.

In the second picture I´m wearing the same outfit in black and covering the lolas with the ZeroDue Stole from SolideaFolies latest show which is meant to complement her long black dress.   A balancing act in itself.