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Vero Modero Rita

One of my SL sisters, Sakira Mirabella from !!Smesh only holds around 15K items in her inventory – something which I find particularly outstanding for a Designer.  In contrast, my own SL inventory has once again reached monumental and unmanageable proportions, almost like the virtual reflection of my RL. In both lives it has become increasingly difficult to find things and it´s once again time for a cleanup but this time a major one, one that will go deep, deep, deep into the crevices and dark corners of my past.

Accepting that since I retired from SL modeling I have been exclusively wearing mesh bodies and heads is making the process simpler at least in this life. I simply must get rid of old system layer clothing and make-up that I´ve collected for the past 5 years. So I began the slow process of going through each item, in some cases just to make sure and in others to take a little trip down memory lane.

So far I managed to delete items of clothing as well as complete saved outfits from summer (I have items classified by season) of 2009, 2010 and 2011. I was amazed at the stuff we used back then, but even more amazed at how designers managed to make such intricate articles of clothing with perhaps very basic tools but very keen attention to detail. I miss that.

From those early years of my SL life, several special brands and creators stood out for me in particular:  The Master Painter Series of Lady Thera,the urban sophistication of  Anubis Harturian, the sensual look and feel of Boudoir,the freshness of Très Jolie and long robes from Digit Darkness.

I found myself thinking that I would still wear some of these items if I had the mesh body versions or if I used mesh body friendly body suits to complement them, but then again I needed to remind myself that this was after all an exercise in reduction and a process of elimination, something I achieved with (admitted) difficulty.

I realized that I had become attached to some of these pieces not only because they were beautiful but because of the memories they evoked; the days when I could move freely around SL with very little lag, minimal technological complications and the feeling that I was discovering a vast new world while looking at everything as if for the first time.

Most challenging of all was getting rid of my Lady Thera´s and Anubis items, because these two great designers were my first two sponsors in SL. I will be forever grateful to them for this and for their friendship.

Is it worth it? I think so. Just summer 2010 reduced 1,442 items from my inventory. I just can´t keep it all,  nor wear it all, but I do know some do. How about you? Please let us know!

Vero Modero Truth or Dare

Duke Dumont – I Got U. ft. Jax Jones

Style Info

Pic 1

Draped asymmetrical dress in a satin jersey texture.  It actually combines the best of the old days and today´s technology by way of the addition of traditional prim parts on the sleeves ( shown) and on the long skirt and train that moves with old times sinuosity which I decided to go without for a more informal look.

Vero Modero – Rita Dress. Moondance Boutique – Kevay Chandelier earrings. Chic Chica – Mules.

Pic 2

Mesh strapless dress with a ballerina flare from the waist out and prim feather sleeves.  It also comes with a long skirt and train that you can choose to wear to make it more formal depending on the occasion.

Vero Modero – Truth or Dare. Lode – Flowers.

All poses in this story by VITALIS ANIMATUM.


Summer in Linen

From ancient times regarded as a symbol for light and purity, linen is one of my favourite fabrics because of it´s ease of use and the leisure elegance and coolness it brings. Although in my RL´s circles it is usually avoided by older ladies of the bourgeoisie because of it´s tendency to wrinkle, this is one of the traits I like about it the most…its ability to look naturally beautiful, simple and chic.

Smesh! Summer in Linen
Smesh! Summer in Linen

The newest from Smesh! is the kind of thing I actually wear in RL.  High waisted pants with an incorporated belt. A cropped top with an asymmetrical cut and thin straps.  It´s the kind of thing that can see me thru in the city and the beach, or both. I can also wear it in the house with or without unexpected visitors and it will always look good.


Wear it with the Milk Motion tote, which is reminiscent of the Hermès Garden Party one, and Gizza´s Flat sandals in blue. No further embellishment necessary other than a clean head of hair.   This is an authentically beautiful style inside and out, much the same as we should be.

As a plus Smesh! is a brand that gets me compliments every time I wear it! Perhaps the secret to this is the fact that all styles are put thru the test before being released for sale. If the designer ¨feels¨ sexy in them she knows she´s got a go!

Style Info

Smesh!  Summer in Linen Pants and Top in BlueSun

Gizza Women´s Flat Sandals in Blue (with Color Hud)

Milk Motion Tote in Blue

Kunglers necklace

Slightly Misinformed

Smesh!! Pal Drape Dress
Smesh!! Pal Drape Dress

Recent comments from Robert Weiss, a writer for the Huffington Post and Senior Vice President of Clinical Development, Elements Behavioral Health at who knows where, called Second Life ¨ … an online video game, but really it is an opportunity to create self-directed animated porn¨.    The fact that he decided to ignore the other 99% of Second Life´s activities deemed not important to him; I am guessing.

SL is a reproduction of RL with a few give and takes (like TPs and flying).  Sex and the porn industry IS but a small part of RL.   There is no more sex in SL than there is actually in RL and I find the fact that he decided to reduce us to little more than a mere pixel porn site, very offensive.

Misinformed comments like this hurt SL and its inhabitants probably more than anything else and it might be the reason why perverts feel that they can lurk out of the dark and that it is perfectly ok for them to venture into your private property with the thingy at standing attention (my experience yesterday), and think that when you say NO you really mean YES!

Attitudes like this tend to hurt Corporations, people and lives which is a strange position for a so called expert on ¨Behavioral Health¨.    May this serve to remind us that the availability of the internet and people´s 15 minutes of entitled fame means that we should continue to take everything we read with a grain of salt … including this post.

What about the large number of spiritual people who gather in SL to pray and commune in every possible religious and spiritual denomination while respecting each other?   Comments like this are disrespectful not only to them but to the enormous creativity and talent that we find in SL and to the people behind it. Talented creators responsible for each and every detailed piece of clothing and accessory we use.  Artists, Couturiers, Virtual Arquitects, Builders,  Dancers, Singers and Musicians who make sure we have access to everything we need to reproduce the wonders of RL in a free virtual environment.

Smesh !! Black Sand Mini Dress
Smesh !! Black Sand Mini Dress

As such talented Sakira Mirabella´s latest creations for Smesh!!  is a perfect example of the painstaking care and dedication put into the making of our clothes.

The Pal Dress Drape Dress is perfectly lady like and sexy at the same time.  Comes in several prints and can take you from an afternoon wedding to an after work date in a flash.

The Black Sand Mini Dress is slightly more informal and can be dressed up or down by just changing the shoes and the accessories.  Available in a mix of prints … for those of us who prefer to indulge in pleasures other than just starring in our own self directed pixel porn.  As a friend of mine used to say … Dixit!

Style Info


Smesh!!  Dress – Pal Drape  Mesh in Blue

Maitreya Gold shoes – Liaison in Blush

Kunglers – Jewelry


Smesh!! Dress – Black Sand Mesh Spring Dress

CandyDoll – shoes at Monochromatic Fair

Epoque – Jewelry

This is a song that makes me feel … Happy and I hope it makes you happy too!