A Soft Cool Luxe


Soft nuances and whispers with high impact in the subtlest of ways. 

 Style Info

Click on the picture to enlarge it and you will be amazed at the fabric detail in this dress.  Exuding old world glam, the dress exalts your feminine curves.

The cut is very Dolce Gabbana like, cut very close to the body, embellished on top with oversized pailletes, slightly shirred for a natural look and held up with spaghetti straps.

This is the kind of dress to wear when you want to be elegant yet deliciously sexy. The Chandelier Earrings are all the rage and perfectly constructed in dark metal and diamonds. The dress is also available in a tempting plum.

LIZIAAH – De Luxe Dress in Blush  + De Luxe  Chandelier Earrings. Available at Sneak Peek until today. Bazar – Clock. 

Soft Touch

I am totally delighted with the lingerie above. The reason?  while the corset is mesh – and this is exactly how I like it –  the slip underneath comes in applier versions for most of your mesh bodies as well as for the system avi.  It certainly takes advantage of the available technology without using either one just because. Yes, there is method to her madness !!! 🙂

The corset in the softest and most feminine of fabric prints is riveted with tulle. The slip underneath is the sexiest thing I ´ve seen: tiny up front and even tinier on the back where it splits in two subtly exposing your … uhmhum…exactly!  Yet this little piece of detail remains slightly covered under the ruffle of tulle. This very French lingerie set is available in several unexpected color combinations.  Provocatrice !

Petit Chat – Soft Touch in Grey. Available at Sneak Peek until today. Finesmith – Necklace + Ring.


Soft Touch

A cropped wool crochet top with longish sleeves and a triangle cut off on the back exposing a bit of skin.  The lycra mini skirt is cut straight and sits low and it comes with an attached rope belt held up lariat style.

The fabric textures are all originals by Trinity Yazimoto. From her Regular Fall 2015 line. The top is also available in a fitted version besides the usual standard sizes. 4 color versions available : Pink & Blue, Red & Black, Salmon & Caramel, Teal & Fuchsia

Petit Chat – Shades of Cool in Red & Black available at  Sneak Peek. N-Core – Boots  & Thighs. Epoque – Bracelet. VITALIS ANIMATUM – Fifth Poses (image on left)

Hair in this story by Besom.

Shades of Cool- Lana del Rey

… And I can’t do nothing about his strange weather…


My Head´s a Mesh – French Lingerie and a New Exotic Head

Petit Chat
Petit Chat

….  And  the only thing that is unchangeable inside the revolving doors of my self, is the love I´ve put into everything that  I´ve  ever done.  Including you.  Yes, YOU!

Style Info:

A material´s enabled set of lingerie with lace / silk bottoms and bra. It also comes with a camisole to wear to bed, around the home or, French-like, under your tailored clothing.   It features a playful bow on the back as well as several smaller on the front. Available in several colors at this month´s round of Apply Me!

Petit Chat – Sexy Dream Lingerie Set  Appliers in Cherry + Undershirt Mesh Camisole.   Molichino – Necklace.  Mandala – Bracelet. Shoes – Azoury. Hair by Truth.


A new and very particular mesh head above.  It´s most striking feature being the true pouty lips.  Worn with eyebrows or without (as above), the head comes in  all the available colors from the brand and with feature specific make up, from the palest to the darkest one.  The Mesh Head is available at this round of Apply Me!

Jumo – Alexa Mesh Head and skin in Cream (no brows) + Eyelashes + Eyeliner + Lip  + Hip Glam Outfit in Gold (wear it with or without the under trousers).

It comes with the jewelry displayed and a monocle (not shown).  Hair by Analog Dog.  I tried the Analog Dog hair later on with the lelutka Mesh Head and unfortunately the rigged mesh  hair did not fit me even as I tried to adjust the head stretch and longitude.  However when wearing the Jumo Mesh Head – which was my original intention – it does.

Definitely try a demo.  If you wear a system avi, then you will not have a problem since all you have to do is wear the alpha layer.

xoxo, Landa

The Police – Voices Inside My Head

The Lightness You Once Had


It was a holiday season many moons ago when she was still attending demonstrations – because every once in a while she had to have her dose of police brutality right? – She was sitting down right on the Bar´s counter drinking that particular brand of wine as he laid eyes on her.

The piercing blue eyes belonged to the younger brother of two of her friends. He had come home for the season all grown up, with his sandy blonde hair on the longish, flawy side and this time around he was certainly taller than her by at least a head and a half.

The song below began to play and mesmerized with each other, their lips touched and merged in a humble, sexy, young kiss. Grabbing her waist he helped her down the counter and they danced right then and there oblivious to all surroundings while only the music made any sense.  

Was this both what they wanted?  She doubted it and they hardly ever think of that as such, except when remembering the lightness that their souls once had. 

Style Info:

Casual short dress with a crossed asymmetrical hem and a sleeveless white tee cinched at the waist.  Available in several color variations. Easy and very sexy with its scooped neck. It makes getting dressed easy, fun, affordable and nice.

LBC – Wrapped and Tanked Dress in Lite.  Available at Sneak Peak until August 5th.  7891 – Ring & Bracelet. Hair by Lelutka.


Is this a dress or the perfect beach /  pool cover up? The top is cut as that of a swimsuit. The bottom part is slanted asymmetrically across the front and back. It comes with a color changing HUD and superbly fun and whimsical sunglasses.  To be worn alone or under your favourite fitted mesh swimsuit or applier.

Lennie – Leslie Dress + Sunglasses. Available at Sneak Peek until August 5th. Gizza – Papillon in Green Necklace. Lamb – Hair. Zaara – Bracelet. Erratic – Swimsuit (underneath) @Uber.

Petit Chat
Into the Pool in Petit Chat

An updated version of a favourite.  Low slung belted, mesh, flirty, short skirt worn with a top that is applier ready for several mesh bodies which means you can wear it with your physics layer if you want to.  Available in several amazing and original prints.

Petit Chat – Dragonborn in Red + Gizza – Flower Brooch (worn cinching the top) + Maitreya – Booties. Hair by Lelutka.

You Can´t Always Get What You Want – The Rolling Stones

I just could not decide between the official and the original .

What do You Choose?