Back Home and Smoking Under Water

A scarf top that you could wear in both lives


In RL, I love to use scarves, either on their own or tied together to make different and atemporal, clothing items depending upon the weather. Yes, I agree, in a previous lifetime, I must have travelled by caravan, translating either as the Bohème that I believe to be or ¨that woman with the quirky sense of style¨ that some, perhaps rightfully, think I am.

As pictured above, we can now do the same in SL. Well, at least sort of. Try this one out and, perhaps you will want to do it in RL too; any beautiful scarf will do!

Sounds like smoking under water, I know, but once you get the hang of it, you´ll say it´s just as easy as riding the next big wave. Did I mention I´ve been dry surfing in RL? I love every minute of it. Have you? Let us know.

Señor Loop – Daígoro

Style Info

Giz Seorn – Dulcie Hanky Top @ Cosmopolitan Event + Frilly Hot Pants (see them here). Azoury – Excellence Ring and Necklace. Miel – Friendo Bracelet.  Rama Salon – Carly Hair.




This Side of Heaven


Gizza Sunshine II

A few yards from the Yacht Club, a few meters away,

I still live by the ocean of my youth and my wake.

Salty remnants of water in the air all around

and the sound of the ships waving past as they sail.

ghee maxi dress II

DNCE – Cake By The Ocean

Style Info

Pic 1

Paisley shorts with string ties. The hems are riveted with tiny pom-pom thread beads. Worn with a simple white comfy T-Shirt that is half tucked. Available in different colors. All sets come with the moroccan style necklace which comes with a color change hud for the central stone. Specially made for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies.

Gizza – Sunshine Outfit In Ocean with Necklace. Available @ Mesh Body Addicts.  Liz – Mesh Tattoo Choker + Deluxe Chandelier Earrings + L´Art Slink Ring. Legal Insanity – Glasses.  Luxe – Bracelets. Miel – Friendo Bracelet. aDiva – Birkis Sandals. Lamb – Hair.

Pic 2

This is a gown that is as formal or informal as you style it to be. Halter and criss-crossed up front where it´s beaded with textures. From there it changes fabric patterns into Ghee´s abstract rose design which is emblematic of the season. Wooden enamel bracelets in matching colors complete the look. The bracelets come with an extensive color change hud.

Ghee – Maxi Dress Special Edition in Noir + Chunky Bangles.  Lelutka – Hair. Florenza – Vintage Engagement Ring.

In my Element


A few days ago I took to write about the so called Island of Flowers.  Well the place actually exists in RL.  I feel more at ease in an island environment as a matter of fact, perhaps because three of my four grandparents were born in islands although different ones.

The next day after the blog,  I was invited to one of those Saturday dinners with very artsy ¨in the known¨ people.  Reluctantly I accepted the invitation.  As soon as I walked in I was introduced to a man, more or less my own age,  born and raised (complete with heavy accent) in one of the southernmost countries of the Americas.

As the evening progressed we talked a little bit about everything and once in the middle of the main course, I heard somebody say ¨yes, it´s just like all  the – insert my mother´s maiden name here.¨  

So I ask, excuse me, who mentioned my mother´s maiden name?  

The South American elegantly answered – I did!  , Well it´s my last name, he said. 

– Well it was my mother´s maiden name. I answered as my jaw dropped.

– But … he offered … we are from the Island of Flowers. 

– and so are we ! I said.

As it turned out, we were distant and unknown cousins.  Sprouting from the descendants of the three Spaniards who came to America way back then.  

Our common ancestor settled in the Island of Flowers.  The second eldest settled inland … and …

the third? I asked?

– The third, the third, well the third, by consensus, nobody knows.

Correct, nobody knows about the whereabouts of the third indeed.

Meeting each other in another place, another town and time was  truly an amazing coincidence.  He and I,  together with other friends will be going back soon, to visit the plaque were the name of our ancestors as founders of the island settlement still  stands. I´m so smiling wide, because teleports aside, sometimes RL can be simply amazing!



Style Info

A cotton knit maxi dress.  White on the top and stripped on the bottom and cinched at the waist with a wide leather belt with metal hardware.  The dress comes in several choices of pastel colors as well as with the ¨garden party¨like bag and sandals.

ELEMENT – Summer Dress in Sand.  Available at Sneak Peek April/May 2015 round. Truth – Hair and Hat.  Izzie´s – Coin Jewelry Set.  Miel – Bracelets worn together with  Oyen- Cape Code Double Tour Vintage Watch (Same as I have in RL but in another brand !) .