Heels or bare feet; this gown lets you decide


Holographic worlds,

that may be fake or not.

Wondering if  ¨real¨

Means that we are here, or there or gone.

I fell in love with this dress the moment I tried it on. The beautiful cherry blossom embroidery looks almost holographic against the solid colour background. The gown is held together by way of intertwined halter top pieces. Its front and back cut way down under the belly bottom.

Available in an array of colours, the dress comes in two lengths versions. You can choose to wear it with flat shoes, barefoot or with high heels. I really love the flat option which I am wearing now totally barefoot in this story. For Belleza, Maitreya, SLink and Classic Avatars. In six single shades and two bonus ones included in the Fatpack. Materials enabled.

Ghee – Sakura Maxi Dress Flat in Porcelain @Sense Event until May 8th. Truth – Natalie Hair. Luxe – Frida Bracelet.



Not so Frilly

A cropped top, and not so frilly hot pants, worn with heels and made tough

Cut high on the hips and derrière, riveted on the edges with a fabric ruche, the shorts above are not so frilly after all.

When paired with the cropped top and leather harness heels, they balance one another out for a rather nice dichotomy that rings very close to the female heart and nature.

The hotpants are available in ten solid satiny colours which allow us to apply a different one to the pants or the ruches when purchased as a pack.

The cropped t-shirt is available in a total of forty different colours/textures that can be applied via HUD. Please keep in mind that single colour purchases do not include the HUD.

The leather heels are available in eighteen colours. For Maitreya, SLink and Belleza mesh bodies.

Giz Seorn – Cropped T-Shirt + Frilly Hotpants @ Uber + Nikki Heels @ Cosmopolitan Event.  SG – Bento Ring. Luxe – Frida Bracelet. Hair by Rama Salon (Gina).



New Eye Candy

A new version for an all time fav

When you use his shirt and  it smells like him.

You can feel and see him all because he’s in.

This is a new and improved, more adult, re-release (see it here) of a favourite. I love to wear it around the house, and I like it even more now.

The open shirt is now available in different fabrics. Eleven different bicolour combinations. Seven single colour ones. Five exclusive on the Megapack, including prints (as shown above) and fourteen extra shirts. Twenty-two knickers’ colours, plus many extra ones. A new version of an all time favourite and a new eye candy!

For Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies. Giz Seorn – Eye Candy Fatpack. Luxe – Riri Diamond Necklace. Rama Salon – Gina Hair. Nantra – Bento Pose. Bazar – Glam Female Closet.