Upgrading Your Wardrobe with Affordable Style

Luxurious Textures
Luxurious Textures

Nothing feels better than snatching a good quality item at a price we can afford. Even in SL!

One of these outfits is a group gift, another one is extremely well priced, one has added value that doubles its worth while yet another one extends its value by the use of separates.

Style Info:

The look and feel of printed suede makes the chemise style dress with 3/4 length sleeves (above) very luxurious and a pleasure to wear.

The glaucous under color is topped by a medium goldenrod print with laser cuts on the top in an abstract panther design.  The look is relaxed, fresh and a little bit subversive.

This dress in 3 different colors, will take you from shopping to the club or a date in a flash.

Extra Value: excellent workmanship, versatility of use, very stylish + Free for their VIP Group.

RAPTURE™ – Leilani VIP Gift in Bluff. Epoque – Bracelet.  .Shi – Ring + Hair. GoK – Vintage Earrings. Hucci – Boots. We´re Closed -Rug.

RAPTURE™ Marketplace:
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Sensual Rocker
Sensual Rocker

While the previous outfit addresses many of your fashion needs during transition weather, the one above is meant for the serious rocker sensualist in you.

The skirt clings to the curves of your body (in this case Maitreya). It´s extremely high detailed and even shirred around its belt loops.  The style is almost cargo, but then it is topped by a strapless ultra sexy corset that is riveted in metal hardware (grommets and chains).

All black, but available with gold or silver hardware versions, the outfit also comes with sexy t-strap platform sandals with a link chain to match both versions.

Extra Value: Super sexy, high detailed outfit with separate items so you can double it´s use + the shoes are included!

LRD – Chained Dress + Shoes  (Gold Version) Available at this August Sneak Peek Round until September 5th.   .Shi – Jewelry. Hair by Entwined. Bazar – Artwork.

All The Gowns in The World
All The Gowns in The World

If you only need one gown, this would be the one to own.  The classically cut gown with its very low portrait neckline, is meant to be worn with the oversized flower stole.

This gown comes with literally ENDLESS options for color changing via a HUD to multiply the value of your Lindens. Careful though! The stole is not resizable, so make sure you try the demo first specially if you are wearing a mesh body.

Extra Value: Smooth classically cut formal gown. Silky textured. It offers more than 24 different color combinations. Did I mention it is super well priced?

LENNIE – Filipiniana – Gown. Available at Designer ShowCase. Jumo – Artsy Earring. + ring. Hair by Diva. 

The Shorts Have it!
The Shorts Have it!

In some parts of the world it is still summer time.  So, what do you wear to keep cool and go the extra mile?  A perfect set of well tailored shorts and a shirt that comes with a texture (not color) changing HUD to go from cotton to textured silk.

The shorts belt color can  be changed via HUD. The cut is EXTREMELY well made and it looks good and natural from all angles.  These items are sold separately so you can wear them also with what you already own. Both are available in different colors.

Extra Value: Beauty + high quality. They sell separately: buy the shirt or the pants or both.

Gizza – Mara Shorts + Safari Shirt both in Terracota + Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses  with Floral Relief (worn on hand). Mandala – Bracelets.  ME – Gems DriftWood Earrings and necklace. ieQED – Ring set. Bazar – Artwork. Hair by Entwined. 

Jonny – Lang – A Quitter Never Wins



JUMO For Sneak Peek
Andromeda: Next stop to the right!

Divine love illuminates from within and settles without judgment as it readies us to travel unified thru dimensional vortices around and beyond magnificent worlds of light and wisdom.

I think about this purely romantic (or not) concept whenever I read about the love shared by Perseus and Andromeda.

I want to think that they now lie forever united in beautifully merged perfection while they dance their time along the way. 

Style Info

This is certainly an amazing gown just as its name announces.  Sleeveless, with a deep V neckline on both the front and back. Highly embellished with the richest texture.

Part mesh, part prim, the latter provides interesting movement and fluidity. It comes with truly spectacular jewelry (earrings, bracelet and necklace) shoulder armors and a harness collar in galaxy worthy motifs. The gown is available in several different colors, all beautiful and the shoes are included!

A mysterious, deep and profound gown that is elegant, royal like and almost, a bit intimidating, making it the perfect gown for both formal occasions or role-play. I wore it over a mesh body but because of the neckline it might work best with a regular avi.

JUMO – Andromeda Blue Gown + Jewelry. Available at Sneak Peek until August 5th. .Shi – Eye Patch. Hair by Lelutka

Glitters By Lennie

The mini dress above suits the inner/outer space theme with its deeply textured, shine and ultra sexy feel.  The keyhole neckline makes it specially sexy.

The dress is cinched around the waist with a textured like braid. Available in several colors, all in different tonal dégradées.  An extremely sensual yet easy to wear dress that will highlight the best of your curves.

LENNIE – Heron Glitters Dress.  JUMO – Andromeda Bracelet (part of the Andromeda Gown above). Hair by Lelutka.

Tempting Landa

The top above is completely covered in paillettes. Deeply scooped neckline and sleeveless. Slashed across the back providing just the right amount of coverage for a night of clubbing; meant to be worn on top the low slung, wide belted shorts with golden hardware.  The outfit is available in several colors including the  mix above.

LENNIE – Tempting Landa Outfit.  JUMO – Andromeda Bracelets + Earrings (my favourite accessory as you can tell). Hair by Rowne.

Seductive Landa

Part of the sexy series, the outfit above is a double piece top.  An asymmetrical, cropped, sequined draped short sleeved top is worn over a separate bra that is included in the outfit providing an alternative item to wear over the sexy shorts previously shown.

LENNIE – Seductive Landa Outfit.  Mandala – Jewelry.  Hair by Lelutka.

Lost Stars – Adam Levine

The Lightness You Once Had


It was a holiday season many moons ago when she was still attending demonstrations – because every once in a while she had to have her dose of police brutality right? – She was sitting down right on the Bar´s counter drinking that particular brand of wine as he laid eyes on her.

The piercing blue eyes belonged to the younger brother of two of her friends. He had come home for the season all grown up, with his sandy blonde hair on the longish, flawy side and this time around he was certainly taller than her by at least a head and a half.

The song below began to play and mesmerized with each other, their lips touched and merged in a humble, sexy, young kiss. Grabbing her waist he helped her down the counter and they danced right then and there oblivious to all surroundings while only the music made any sense.  

Was this both what they wanted?  She doubted it and they hardly ever think of that as such, except when remembering the lightness that their souls once had. 

Style Info:

Casual short dress with a crossed asymmetrical hem and a sleeveless white tee cinched at the waist.  Available in several color variations. Easy and very sexy with its scooped neck. It makes getting dressed easy, fun, affordable and nice.

LBC – Wrapped and Tanked Dress in Lite.  Available at Sneak Peak until August 5th.  7891 – Ring & Bracelet. Hair by Lelutka.


Is this a dress or the perfect beach /  pool cover up? The top is cut as that of a swimsuit. The bottom part is slanted asymmetrically across the front and back. It comes with a color changing HUD and superbly fun and whimsical sunglasses.  To be worn alone or under your favourite fitted mesh swimsuit or applier.

Lennie – Leslie Dress + Sunglasses. Available at Sneak Peek until August 5th. Gizza – Papillon in Green Necklace. Lamb – Hair. Zaara – Bracelet. Erratic – Swimsuit (underneath) @Uber.

Petit Chat
Into the Pool in Petit Chat

An updated version of a favourite.  Low slung belted, mesh, flirty, short skirt worn with a top that is applier ready for several mesh bodies which means you can wear it with your physics layer if you want to.  Available in several amazing and original prints.

Petit Chat – Dragonborn in Red + Gizza – Flower Brooch (worn cinching the top) + Maitreya – Booties. Hair by Lelutka.

You Can´t Always Get What You Want – The Rolling Stones

I just could not decide between the official and the original .

What do You Choose?