This Side of Heaven


Gizza Sunshine II

A few yards from the Yacht Club, a few meters away,

I still live by the ocean of my youth and my wake.

Salty remnants of water in the air all around

and the sound of the ships waving past as they sail.

ghee maxi dress II

DNCE – Cake By The Ocean

Style Info

Pic 1

Paisley shorts with string ties. The hems are riveted with tiny pom-pom thread beads. Worn with a simple white comfy T-Shirt that is half tucked. Available in different colors. All sets come with the moroccan style necklace which comes with a color change hud for the central stone. Specially made for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies.

Gizza – Sunshine Outfit In Ocean with Necklace. Available @ Mesh Body Addicts.  Liz – Mesh Tattoo Choker + Deluxe Chandelier Earrings + L´Art Slink Ring. Legal Insanity – Glasses.  Luxe – Bracelets. Miel – Friendo Bracelet. aDiva – Birkis Sandals. Lamb – Hair.

Pic 2

This is a gown that is as formal or informal as you style it to be. Halter and criss-crossed up front where it´s beaded with textures. From there it changes fabric patterns into Ghee´s abstract rose design which is emblematic of the season. Wooden enamel bracelets in matching colors complete the look. The bracelets come with an extensive color change hud.

Ghee – Maxi Dress Special Edition in Noir + Chunky Bangles.  Lelutka – Hair. Florenza – Vintage Engagement Ring.




Some things are inevitable; like the seasons or the kind of home where we belong

Style Info:

A stretch silk mini with parallel slits a few inches up the thighs is paired with a halter/keyhole top in a contrasting color with arabesques embellishment alongside the décolleté.  The arabesque design is repeated in the brooch worn in a semi circle along the neckline. Both items are worn separately and are available in a huge array of colors from the neutral to the vivacious.

Gizza – Sienna Ornamental set in Soi + Choker. Shi -Ring. Hair by Lelutka.Vitalis Animatum Poses – Black Friday 4

Vero Modero
Vero Modero

A silk taffeta long and ample skirt with a slit up to mid thigh and a stripped effect is worn under a cropped scooped neck T-Shirt topped with a longish cardigan in a deep contrasting shade.  The multiple color combined and general style makes it perfect for more informal events.  The outfit is available in several print and color combinations highlighting it´s natural elegance.

Vero Modero – Alin Skirt Set in Chic Red. . Shi – Vintage Necklace +  Ring. Hair by Lelutka.Vitalis Animatum Pose – Hip 5.


A beautiful transition informal ensemble. One of the best fitting jeans I ´ve ever encountered in Second Life, is topped by a simple white T-shirt, a fine leather vest and the softest and cuddliest of cardigans.  Available in two  colors, each one comes with a color change HUD for the Cardi.

Gizza – Lakua Cardigan Set with Brown Vest + Nico Skinny Jeans in Denim Blue. .Shi – Ring. Maitreya – Hair + Hat. Legal Insanity – Dark Glasses. Vitalis Animatum Pose – Black Friday 4


A very sporty, feminine and delicate ensemble.  A silk, almost diaphanous long sleeve blouse with lace detail on top is paired with silk ample short.  The set is available in several colors.

Gizza – Annie Pleated Shirt in Beige + Pleated Shorts in Cream.  Yummy – Ring + Earrings. Hair by Lelutka. Vitalis Animatum Pose – Thi #3

Led Zeppelin – D´yer Mak´er

As if life was not misunderstood enough! Here´s  a misunderstood title of a song from an often misunderstood band.

Sunglasses Tonight

Vero Modero
Vero Modero

¨That was an interesting gathering of tribes.  From the famous young Oscar winning actress who actually agreed to dance when one of my male friends requested it – to everyone´s surprise – to the slightly plus size bubbly ex beauty queen who, after a series of stumbles found true love and founded a family only to tragically die a few years down the road.  

The  television presenter who would soon die from AIDS related complications and who looked down on the naive young lady who did not know that he and his boy friend were more than just friends.

The famous international boxer who requested his drinks be served in a calf bottle and the model who did not make it in Europe but who came back home as if she had.

The music lovers, the heir who was afraid to come out of the closet; the in-crowd at the place. The band of outsiders, the niece of an infamous Latin American Dictator.  They were all there and so was I,  until the crisis struck.

By then, afraid to go out, the lights went out and the clubs stayed empty, except perhaps for the occasionally oblivious lovers who did not care about the risks they took.¨  Yes, I ´ve had an ¨interesting¨life.

Style Info

A silky, loose shirt riveted with embellishment on the edges.  The back is draped very low on the waist.  The jeans are highly textured in an abstract animal design and they are cut rather low on the waist.  The outfit is available  in several color combinations including one with a white jeans version.

Vero Modero – Party Outfit. 7891 – Ring. The Shops – Clutch. Yummy – Necklace. Legal Insanity – Sunglasses. Location – Bar Moderna

 I Wear My Sunglasses at Night