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Vero Modero Beach IV

One of our family´s main businesses was commercial radio. As a child I was taught and trained by my father to recognize a tune with top 40 potential and / or great quality music – according to my own taste, of course 😉 and that of the target audience – during the first five  seconds of a tune. For me it was a game but now and although the criteria has changed over the last 15 years I still relish the thought of discovering great artists! Which makes this post overdue by a few days.

With newfound time on my hands at night I  luckily accepted the TP of a friend. It took me forever to rez and even more just to be able to listen (I use a MAC running on Maverick on my computer´s second  partition in order to just be able to log into SL!) but once I did, I realized I had landed at a live concert and I was surrounded by Avatars who were mesmerized by the tunes playing. In all truth the experience was unique!

On the stage in front of me, was Tukso Okey giving us a live performance. His choice of music was not only interesting, different and almost philosophical, but he had obviously been influenced by the classics; he played like a real guitar virtuoso.

The surrounding crowd, huge by virtual standards, was made up of his followers and friends. They seemed to be having a marvelous time and the kind of unique, exclusive experience of those in the ´known´ and of which I will admit, I ´m not a part of in SL.

Unfortunately I had to decide between trying to record his performance or crashing. I decided to stay and dance and just flow with his deep soulful music and trippy sounds. into La, Lan-da Land! Tukso, came across as an amazing musician, a kind soul, a nice chap and one who is quite well organized through his partner Pedula Bing who represents him.

I left the venue relaxed, refreshed and happy, with a calm, warm feeling deep inside. In RL or SL I´d choose his music any time! The video below was recorded by the Artist prior to my introduction to his music. Perhaps you should give him a try. I humbly believe that he should be recognized. Thank you Tukso for your music!

Glamistry Booties

Style Info

Pic 1

This  strapless cotton top with a closed eyelet embroidery comes as part of a set with shorts.  Because I wear a mesh body and the shorts are more suitable for the system avi I decided to pair it with shorts that I already owned.  The top, however worked fine on the body and I loved the hanging  eyelet triangle on the front.

Vero Modero – Beach Top (part of the Beach Shorts set). JB – Shorts + Belt. LUXE – Choker + Pyramid Ring.

Pic 2

Lace-up half booties with tassels and color changing hud for each part of the shoe! Glamistry – Edelweiss Heels.

Pic 3

Sequined, barely there top, with a lightweight summer cardigan with 3/4 sleeves worn on top of cuffed up shorts that come with an option to show the under pockets as well as for wearing a belt or not. The belt´s leather color can be changed via a hud.

Vero Modero – Jenna top and Cardigan. JB – Shorts. Glamistry – Edelweiss Heels. Luxe – Jewelry. Boat by Looneta (featuring my pride and joy ¨The Stormy¨).

In this feature:

Hair by Entwined. Head by Catwa. Mesh Body by Maitreya.

Vero Modero Jenna

Tukso Okey – Performing in SL

Tukso Okey in RL – @ Ginah Moez Diner


Keeping Cool

Gizza Bib

Keeping our heads above water can prove difficult and hard at times.

At others, it just becomes the reminder of lessons that have gone unlearnt, must be repeated, mastered then surpassed.

Glamistry Shoes

The good part of it, as a doctor once told me – when I caught a particularly strange three month virus –  is that it´s not a permanent thing. Winks!

Gizza Bib Vintage

Starseeds – Parallel Life

Style Info

Pic 1

Glam overalls in metallic finish worn with the upper part folded over the  hips.  Cut on the skinny side and highly detailed.

Gizza – Emma Bib Overalls in Glam Gold, also available in silver. Bauhaus Movement – Necklace and hip armor belt.  Hair by DeLa.

Pic 2

High platform shoes with color change HUD for each different part of it including the metal  and  leather.

Glamistry – Magnolia Heels for Maitreya Mesh Body.

Pic 3

Same overalls but this time they come with a vintage feel, perfect to pair them with a skimpy top or swimsuit.

Gizza – Emma Bib Overalls in Vintage Blue.  Rebel Hope  – Bikini top. Hair by Wasabi Pills.  Flip Flops – pictured on Flickr – by KC

Doves Did Cry

VM Jumpsuit

´99 came and went and his funk would never end,

Not his tragedies nor his wake, can obscure his purple ways.

Gizza Peony

When Doves Cry – Quinton Tarver (R.I.P )Love

Style Info

Pic 1

A jumpsuit with a late 70s inspiration. Skinny pants and a triangle halter top connected through several strips of fabric, both vertical and horizontal.  The outfit is available in two different fabric options: solid (left) and fish scale (right) but both come with a fully customizable color change hud that allows you to be very specific in terms of choosing the exact hue.

Vero Modero – Dance Jumpsuit. . Shi – Jewelry. Lowen – Booties @ Très Chic.  Hair by Truth @The Epiphany. Ariskea – Lamps.

Pic 2

Leather cigarette pants sitting on the low waist and a halter half top. Three belts with metal hardware holds it together around the back and front.  The pants have a semi transparent skirt tail that hangs low on the back.  The outfit is available in several leather colors and is part of a collaboration between Gizza and Glamistry. Both items designed to work together but sold separately.

In the picture the leather booties, lined in a thin layer of sheepskin, look monochromatic as it is the look I personally prefer but they  come with a color change HUD that, as usual, allows you to change the textures of the different shoe parts including the hardware. They have a platform, two straps that buckle on the side echoing the outfit, plus a stiletto heel that I would only dare to wear in SL.  I keep thinking I should plant some flowers on my RL Jimmy Choo booties. What was I thinking??????  So glad I can wear whatever I like in the safety of SL!  

Gizza – Peony Outfit in Camel.  Glamistry Peony Heels. All Jewelry by Luxe.