Sunrise. Sunset. Cocktails

Byrne Xiuying
A New Shore

A strapless gown in an oriental pattern. The front of the dress attaches to two mystical Ulziis and a Shou symbol for a bit of Mongolian auspiciousness.  Two pieces of fabric attached to these then tie around the neck.

The super high thigh slits on both sides of the legs provide freedom of movement to an otherwise strictly figure hugging gown.

The head flowers echo those on the dress and the pearl and black leather bracelet anchors the colors.

Byrne – Xiuying Gown in Cream. Lode – Hair Flowers. Liziaah – De Perle Leather Bracelet.

Byrne Evie
Breathe in the Air

This high waisted asymmetrical skirt comes with a cropped, V-neck shirt that ties at the front.

While the shirt itself is opaque, the sleeves are translucid just like the skirt.

The outfit comes with a matching string (not worn). It was on sale at the Swank event for May.

Byrne – Evie Outfit-  Rebel Hope – Shoes.  Erratic – Bikini bottom.  Truth – Hair Flower. La Gyo – Earrings (vintage).

Byrne SpaceBlossom
Alien Adventures in a Tropical Paradise

This back and sides baring dress ties high on the neck with an oversized bow. In a ´Jetsonian´print, it cuts deeply towards the center of the upper waist and is riveted in shiny black fabric.

Byrne – Space Blossom Dress in Grass (Hunt Gift).   !!Smesh – Thigh  Boots.  RE – Jewelry. Hair by Douce.

Alan Watts & David Lindberg – Why Your Life Is Not A Journey



Forgotten Choices

Decisions we make when we still don´t have the answers

and don´t even know the questions.

And yet they have the power to change the course of our very lives.

Future Islands – Like the Moon

Style Info

Pic 1 – Silk stretch, high waist leggings in a beautiful geometrical print, worn over a cropped, long sleeved, high-neck pull. Available in several colors.  The set comes with dark glasses and a pair of flat ´Doc Martens´ like boots. Ghee – Barcode Sweat Top + Retro Print Stretch Leggings + Hipster17 Shades . Hair by LambLiziaah – Ring. Ryca – Earrings.

Pic 2 & 3 – A stripped, ´A´ cut,  chemisier dress that is cinched at the waist. Available in several beautiful fruity like colors that are perfect for spring.  Ghee – Dora Dress in Niagara + Strapped Wedges with Texture Change HUD @ Designer Showcase 5 – 31st March.  Vero Modero – Bubbles Necklace. Hair by Lamb. B&W – Divina Sunglasses.

Shooting Messengers

Call Me Charlie The Spy

Our world is full of messages and clues and truths about everything.

We can only ignore the signs for so long before they bite us.


Style Info:

Pic 1

Worthy of Geena Davis in The Long Kiss Goodnight and versatile enough for us to wear it any which way we want depending on our mood.

Long sleeved, it has a petal like neckline that almost folds upon itself. The ultra suede like fabric is micro-perforated all around and cut out in little laser rectangles along the sides cage like. Wear it as a micro mini dress or as a top. Available in several racy colors.

RAPTURE™ – Ayana Dress in Mocha, (exclusive) for @The InstrumentsErratic – Thong. Bold & Beauty – Choker.  Label Motion – Guns & Pose. Yummy – Rings.  Mutresse – Boots. Mina Hair.

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Pic 2

A dress that´s perfect for al-fresco hosting when you are trying to keep your cover.  One shouldered and riveted in lace and fabric along its neckline and hem.  It seats about 4 inches up the knees.  Available in different colors and two different prints. The dress and fabric is like a breath of fresh spring air.

Gizza – Calanthe Floral Leo Aqua Dress..  Baiastice – Bracelet.  Finesmith – Vintage earrings.  Truth Hair. VITALIS ANIMATUM POSES – CUTE. Apple Fall – Table, and Chandelier .

Pic 3

Another take on the early spring print.  The top is V neck and  crossed whole it remains solid from the upper waist down.

The sleeves are a bit longer than 3/4 but not extremely long.  Available in several colors and 2 different prints.

Gizza – Flowered Dress V Neck Dress in Leo Cream.  Yummy – Necklace.  Hair by Lelutka.  VITALIS ANIMATUM POSES – Valentine´s

Excuse me flower!