A Hipsy Gypsy Spider


I closed my eyes to see,

for  truth lives down inside.

Then, silky threads of moments past

got dusty in this autumn´s dawn.


Ten Fé – Elodie

Style Info

One of the recurring themes from SL Designer´s this Samhain has, for sure, been the spider and this is not all they  have in common.

The usability of these gowns and dresses will last way past this particular Halloween. Just remove any or all of the spooky attachments and voilà, you are ready to go another mile.

Case in point, the gown above. This is a short strapless dress in a leathery texture that turns into a gown when we add the multi-layer red and black veiled skirt and long train. The skirt remains open in front, revealing your legs.  On the skirt and train we see a trail of beautiful golden crawling baby spiders. Surely they are coming home!

The gown includes an oversized spider bracelet, a spider pin with its legs wrapped around the bosom and a spectacular spider headpiece. In addition you get a layer of spooky make up –  (not featured) for the system Avi – that is perfect for the ensemble. The gown comes in several Mesh Body Sizes as well as standard ones.

Vero Modero – Immortal Gown + Jewelry. LUXE – Rings.  Lamb– Hair. KC – Boots. Mesh Head – Catwa. Maitreya Mesh Body.

Location: Disturbia


Waiting For My Ride


When I unpacked the outfit shown above,  I was reminded that one of the things I enjoy about blogging is that it gives me the opportunity to be surprised by  some amazing creations.  I hardly ever know what I will get and this forces my creativity to get into motion. How to style it? What story does it tell? ¿What does it remind me of?

As my mind often tends to extrapolate and travel far, far away, I immediately began to meditate on how sometimes we can  also be happily surprised in our physical lives when something completely unexpected happens.

Life events that push us out of our comfort zone and force us to take a deep, hard look at ourselves, our lives and our ways. External forces upon which we may have absolutely no control, sometimes exercise their dominion upon our lives showing us who´s really the boss.

When they do, often times we are lucky enough to be shown the greatness and convenience of the different path we may be forced to take. The one answer we never thought about. Our lives then take a turn driving us somewhere we  never considered possible and – SURPRISE! – gifting us with the promise of a better future. Sometimes there can be nothing better than a little change of plans.

*Winks*  Landa


Lana Del Rey – You Can Be The Boss

Style Info

Knitted Sweater with colored stripes worn over a delicate vintage cotton silk embroidered dress.

The single bead necklace with leather chords is a gift for the event. The shoes have a strapped leather boot attached that´s reminiscent of Chanel´s. It comes in several mesh sizes.

All three items are available in several colors and are for sale at the Boho Culture Fair.

Ghee – Boho Frilled Sweater in Clay + Boho Etta Boots  in Clay + Boho Fair Gift Necklace.  Azoury – Fedora Hat. MG – Horn Necklace (the long version is worn under the clothing) + Venetian Fortune Ring. Entwined – Hair.  Mesh Head – Catwa. Maitreya Mesh Body. Mandala – Rings. Izzie´s Tights Appliers.

Those Closets


If the cost of keeping all the skeletons in our closet gets too high,

let´s just go ahead and wear them with pride!


Part show girl, part fae, Arachne was skillful in the magic ways.

She knew how to mesmerize, enchant and sway,

 keeping  all her chosen ones fascinated and always,  just one silk web away.

You Love Me To Death – Hooverphonic

Style Info

The hair I am wearing from Lelutka is sold at their Undivided Department.  It says that it can only be worn with the Lelutka Head. This is partly true, unless you can find a hairbase that either matches their hair options or combines well with it. I am wearing their hair with the CATWA head and L´Etre  Hairbase.

Pic 1

An outstanding gown. We can take advantage of it for the season and wear it as a costume, but it goes beyond that as you will see. Strapless, siren cut topped with several arrangements of diaphanous, moving, ruffled add-ons.  The texture is a purplish silk satin topped with black lace in a rose pattern. The ruffles are made with an incredible number of roses.

The gown comes with three different skeletons each with a rose on their heads. So cute!  You can wear  them all together or just one or two for  different combinations. It also has a shrug made of roses and skulls and a tiny spider that´s ready to bite and sting your lower lip.  The total effect is romantic, gothic, cavernous, dreamy and dark.

At the end of the season you can just wear the gown without the skeletons, skulls and spider for a truly elegant majestic look.

Gizza – Sorcerous Roses Gown worn with one of the three skeletons + Lip Spider.  Chop Zuey – Jewelry.

Pic 2

A funky, scary, sexy number.  I had a really hard time deciding which color to feature because they each had marvelous nuances.  This is a halter top corset that is topped with  a half skirt.

The texture has depth and it pictures the subtlest cobweb. The back of the skirt has two tails that end a few inches below your derrière.  The skirt has an embellished belt that is echoed on the fantastic headpiece depicting a thousand spider eggs. Black Widow´s perhaps?

Byrne – SpiderBaby Outfit in Black. Erratic – Bikini Bottom.  N-Core – Boots. .Aisling – Arm and Hand Jewelry. Liziaah – Earrings. Boudoir – Sadness Veil Veil (Part of Baronesse Castelli Hat).