Those Closets


If the cost of keeping all the skeletons in our closet gets too high,

let´s just go ahead and wear them with pride!


Part show girl, part fae, Arachne was skillful in the magic ways.

She knew how to mesmerize, enchant and sway,

 keeping  all her chosen ones fascinated and always,  just one silk web away.

You Love Me To Death – Hooverphonic

Style Info

The hair I am wearing from Lelutka is sold at their Undivided Department.  It says that it can only be worn with the Lelutka Head. This is partly true, unless you can find a hairbase that either matches their hair options or combines well with it. I am wearing their hair with the CATWA head and L´Etre  Hairbase.

Pic 1

An outstanding gown. We can take advantage of it for the season and wear it as a costume, but it goes beyond that as you will see. Strapless, siren cut topped with several arrangements of diaphanous, moving, ruffled add-ons.  The texture is a purplish silk satin topped with black lace in a rose pattern. The ruffles are made with an incredible number of roses.

The gown comes with three different skeletons each with a rose on their heads. So cute!  You can wear  them all together or just one or two for  different combinations. It also has a shrug made of roses and skulls and a tiny spider that´s ready to bite and sting your lower lip.  The total effect is romantic, gothic, cavernous, dreamy and dark.

At the end of the season you can just wear the gown without the skeletons, skulls and spider for a truly elegant majestic look.

Gizza – Sorcerous Roses Gown worn with one of the three skeletons + Lip Spider.  Chop Zuey – Jewelry.

Pic 2

A funky, scary, sexy number.  I had a really hard time deciding which color to feature because they each had marvelous nuances.  This is a halter top corset that is topped with  a half skirt.

The texture has depth and it pictures the subtlest cobweb. The back of the skirt has two tails that end a few inches below your derrière.  The skirt has an embellished belt that is echoed on the fantastic headpiece depicting a thousand spider eggs. Black Widow´s perhaps?

Byrne – SpiderBaby Outfit in Black. Erratic – Bikini Bottom.  N-Core – Boots. .Aisling – Arm and Hand Jewelry. Liziaah – Earrings. Boudoir – Sadness Veil Veil (Part of Baronesse Castelli Hat).


Deep Cherry

Vero Modero Rita

One of my SL sisters, Sakira Mirabella from !!Smesh only holds around 15K items in her inventory – something which I find particularly outstanding for a Designer.  In contrast, my own SL inventory has once again reached monumental and unmanageable proportions, almost like the virtual reflection of my RL. In both lives it has become increasingly difficult to find things and it´s once again time for a cleanup but this time a major one, one that will go deep, deep, deep into the crevices and dark corners of my past.

Accepting that since I retired from SL modeling I have been exclusively wearing mesh bodies and heads is making the process simpler at least in this life. I simply must get rid of old system layer clothing and make-up that I´ve collected for the past 5 years. So I began the slow process of going through each item, in some cases just to make sure and in others to take a little trip down memory lane.

So far I managed to delete items of clothing as well as complete saved outfits from summer (I have items classified by season) of 2009, 2010 and 2011. I was amazed at the stuff we used back then, but even more amazed at how designers managed to make such intricate articles of clothing with perhaps very basic tools but very keen attention to detail. I miss that.

From those early years of my SL life, several special brands and creators stood out for me in particular:  The Master Painter Series of Lady Thera,the urban sophistication of  Anubis Harturian, the sensual look and feel of Boudoir,the freshness of Très Jolie and long robes from Digit Darkness.

I found myself thinking that I would still wear some of these items if I had the mesh body versions or if I used mesh body friendly body suits to complement them, but then again I needed to remind myself that this was after all an exercise in reduction and a process of elimination, something I achieved with (admitted) difficulty.

I realized that I had become attached to some of these pieces not only because they were beautiful but because of the memories they evoked; the days when I could move freely around SL with very little lag, minimal technological complications and the feeling that I was discovering a vast new world while looking at everything as if for the first time.

Most challenging of all was getting rid of my Lady Thera´s and Anubis items, because these two great designers were my first two sponsors in SL. I will be forever grateful to them for this and for their friendship.

Is it worth it? I think so. Just summer 2010 reduced 1,442 items from my inventory. I just can´t keep it all,  nor wear it all, but I do know some do. How about you? Please let us know!

Vero Modero Truth or Dare

Duke Dumont – I Got U. ft. Jax Jones

Style Info

Pic 1

Draped asymmetrical dress in a satin jersey texture.  It actually combines the best of the old days and today´s technology by way of the addition of traditional prim parts on the sleeves ( shown) and on the long skirt and train that moves with old times sinuosity which I decided to go without for a more informal look.

Vero Modero – Rita Dress. Moondance Boutique – Kevay Chandelier earrings. Chic Chica – Mules.

Pic 2

Mesh strapless dress with a ballerina flare from the waist out and prim feather sleeves.  It also comes with a long skirt and train that you can choose to wear to make it more formal depending on the occasion.

Vero Modero – Truth or Dare. Lode – Flowers.

All poses in this story by VITALIS ANIMATUM.

Samba no Chat


It´s Carnival Season and for the second time within the last 12 months, I feel like I can get away with looking as opposed to RL as possible and you can´t imagine how much fun I had with it!

Some people really do enjoy looking as different from RL as possible and I truly envy them.  I personally have always felt the need to have at least a few features in common with my avatar as otherwise I tend to scare myself when I look in the mirror!   But who knows, I might just decide to keep this look for a while.

Darker hair and eyebrows plus more chiseled features which I certainly don´t have in RL. The picture above, was taken in full motion as I activated Samba dances I had purchased in SL at the time when Cuba used to laugh ( yes that old! ).

The ensemble made me remember that long before twerking came along, I had grown up knowing how to move my feet, hips and shoulders to the sound of  music in a Latin-American kind of way.

From my own personal perspective (I am not Brazilian), dancing to a ¨Batucada¨ (percussion) is like a combination of Irish and belly dancing mixed in with African rhythms.

The whole of Latin America is the true melting pot of the Americas and we´ve inherited the best (and the bad, but let´s focus on the best for now hehe) of each culture and race and then mixed it all together. At no other time is this more prominent and in your face as during Carnival where there are no social barriers.

The first time I remember being exposed to a carnival, my mother took me to see the parade. I was holding her hand.  The rhythms of the band were all around me.  I can remember, even at that young age, how it first got inside my soul and heart. From there, the sound and feel travelled spreading all over my body and all of a sudden my feet began to move.

I think I must have first learnt to shake my shoulders right then and there, just as my mother got into a sudden panic in front of the church behind her.  She could not find me. Frantically, she yelled and called my name searching for me among the crowd. I could not hear her.

About to go into hysterics, she got to see me dancing along the very last row of the ¨bateria¨ belonging to the most notorious neighborhood in my country. I was two and a half years old, and yes I do have memories that far back.

Rythms and percussions were the very sound of my early years.  In school, homecoming season was always punctuated by the batucada  sound coming out of the aisles before and after class and recess for which we not only used drums but anything with which we could make a sound with.

It runs in our veins no matter what our phenotype or ancestry might be in much the same as blues do in the US. Click here to see what I mean. And if you are in the mood for some Brazilian music, I really recommend this here which is totally unrelated to this post, but it´s beautiful! 🙂

Leandro Lehart – Magalenha (My favourite Batucada)

Style Info

Pic 1

A ¨destaque¨ worth ensemble to dance your way on top of a colorful float or to lead the way as the ¨Bateria¨ Queen during carnival parade. Very elaborate, it comes with a very tiny tanga that is covered both on front and back with royal turkey feathers and jeweled baubles.

Although it has flower-petal-like nipple covers in a tattoo layer, I am not wearing them because of the mesh body I have, but one can easily manage to do without them. The bosom is protected by a jeweled harnessed bra that matches the rest of the outfit. The head is ¨crowned¨ by a marvelous piece of color explosion. A set of mesh shoes for Slink feet is included.

Boudoir – Rio in Green Blue. The Shops – Earrings. Osakki – Vintage arm cuffs and ring. Ryka – Neck plate. Hair base by The Shops worn with a Vintage Ponytail from Lelutka´s Eclat Collection (they match each other to perfection).


On Ash Wednesday
Ash Wednesday

Pic 2

Mohair textured short sleeved knit with a cowl neckline and a matching undershirt. The top comes with a color changing HUD for the shirt.  The cut is ample , ¨A¨ line yet slightly boxy. Cozy and comfy are the words that spring to mind. I am wearing it with their leather leggings and found the combination perfect for any casual day.

Gizza – Sophie Sweater in Cream + Leather Leggings in Stone.  Mowie – Dark Glasses.  .Shi – Ring.  Ben´s Beauty – Necklace. Pure Poison – Shoes (click here to see picture on Flickr). Hair by Entwined.

While searching for a good ¨Batucada¨, I came across this song which made me smile.  I think most of us in SL have found ourselves in this situation at least once.  Hope you see the humour of it and enjoy it !

Seu Jorge e Moska – Só no Chat

Ela disse que me ama (She says she loves me).  Ela vem com essa ( She comes with that one)
E eu nem a conheço pessoalmente (and I don´t even know her personally)
Só no chatSó na netSó na mente (Just in chat, through the net, in the mind…)