There are hidden powers in acknowledging

that everybody has the right to be un-slaved.

Including ourselves; specially by ourselves.

Even it that means standing up to our inhuman creations,

and getting rid of the things that bind.

Paloma Faith – ´Til I’m Done

Style Info

A modern, leather type, croc-textured  tunic  with a star clasp and Egyptian inspiration. It comes with the leather pasties (shown) and hieroglyphics tattoo  with Omega Appliers (not shown). Available in red, black and white. Materials enabled. For Slink, Belleza and Maitreya Mesh Bodies.

BYRNE – DeNile Outfit. Azoury – Elnathan Helmet in White. Giz Seorn – Miley Dress Crotch Pasties. DRD – Devine Wings Vein Duo.


Embroidered Oceans

An embroidered jacket, to wear with or without the top and, thoughts on oceans and home

Becoming enchanted in embroidered oceans, their rhythm, their islands, their songs and the sun. In her mind, – always a before and after –  the first time she saw it while the wind was strong.

And amidst all past brutal wonders,

her love for that grove just kept holding on.

Seafret – Oceans

Style Info

Giz Seorn – Trixie Denim Jacket. Comes with the cropped tank top and a HUD that allows you to turn it on or off in case you want to wear it with something else or nothing at all. 100% original mesh. Available in eight colours plus six embroidered styles when you purchase the Fatpack. For Freya, Isis, Lara and Hourglass mesh bodies @Vanity Event. Worn with Savanna Shorts.  Hair by Rama Salon (Grace). Azoury – Excellence Necklace and ring.Izzie´s – Eternity Bracelet.






A DemiTour for Change

On life changes. One gown with two personalities and a delectable outfit.


Touched by Light

One demi-tour; change, goes

Turn around, have faith in all the changes.
Turn around and you will feel.
No age of loneliness,
You are a part of me.

Enigma- Turn Around

Style Info

Pic 1 & 3

Strapless gown with two personalities. One side has the traditional cut while the other is cut all the way up to the waist. The slit is held together with a fabric bandeau. Both the hips and the top straps can be worn in a different colour. Available in a total of twenty plus an additional six when you purchase the fatpack. One hundred percent original mesh. For Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies.

Giz Seorn – Megan Dress @ Cosmopolitan Event + Miley Dress Crotch Panties. Azoury – Excellence Ring + Necklace. Truth – Bewkie Hair

Pic 2

Beautiful and silk summer top that can be worn with or without the sleeves. Available in fifteen solid colours, ten prints and a mix of ten additional solids and prints when you purchase the fatpack.  Belted and with pleats on the side next to the pockets, the demure shorts provide the balance necessary. Available in fourteen colours plus six additional ones in the fatpack. Both are for Belleza, Maitreya and SLink mesh bodies.

Giz Seorn – Scarlett Top + Savanna Shorts @ Fameshed. Maitreya – Zeal Heels. Rama Salon – Alice Hair