Subdued Geometry

One New Gift and a Hunt


This subdued, yet bold style, is Ghee´s VIP gift for march. A geometric print, shift dress in five standard sizes and for Belleza, Maitreya and SLink mesh bodies.

Ghee – Monochrome Eye Candy March 1018 Group Gift + Original Mesh Enamelled Rondo Earrings. Luxe – Pyramid Bracelet and Ring. Doux – Luna Hair. Flite – Lowtop Duck Sneakers.

Easter Weekend Update

The Caspertech Gridwide Easter Egg Hunt March 30 – April 2

The Hunt returns for a few days only!

Don’t miss your chance to get the pop-art inspired Eye Candy Shift Dress in a pattern of bright colours from Ghee.

To find it, you will need a Hunt HUD. To get it click here.

HINT: The Ghee-ster bunny has a lot of places to visit this Easter!

Happy Hunting and Happy Easter!



Suede Montana

A Luscious Wrapped Blanket Skirt Outfit Meant for the Mountains

The sound of wolves echoed in the distance, so real and disturbing that I had to turn my volume off during the shoot of the Montana outfit.

The intensity of it´s effect got me into thinking about the days of lore, when all noobies were noobies and no noobie was old.

Style Info

A fringed blanket wrapped around the waist and held together with a belt, topped with a  long sleeved blouse. There is a certain bohemian wildness and romance to the outfit.

The Montana Outfit texture looks can vary from wool to suede depending on the colour, the Windlight effect and the time of the SL day. It´s textures seemed to be alive and dance and change in the sunset haze.

Giz Seorn – Montana Fatpack @ Uber.  Gems – Jewellery (vintage). Mina – Shelley Hair.


Damask in Dark

A chic new blazer

A strong suit worn over a skimpy top. When buttoned, this Damask Blazer can make us look professional in a meeting, and this applies to both SL and RL.

The print texture is embellished enough to take us from the boardroom to an evening out, as long as we leave the Blazer open. This set in particular has a Tux feel to it which also makes it sensually appealing.

The cropped lace under-shirt can be worn in black or white. The chic Damask Blazer and belted trousers come in an array of different colours from spring worthy pink to elegant black.

I had a great time wearing the hair in deep brunette, which is something I always longed  to do in Real Life. I love the way the colour echoed the lapel of the suit, even as it happened by pure serendipity, while deepening the green of the eyes.

The original necklace and earrings come with a colour HUD that allows us to control each circled piece, creating multiple possibilities.

Style Info

Ghee – Damask Suit @ Sense Event.  Until April 8th, 2018. Available in a striking range of six seasonal neutral and bright pastel shades, in a soft woven damask fabric. There’s a fantastic value Fatpack deal too. Pieces can be worn separately. For Maitreya and SLink mesh bodies only. Materials enabled + Rondo Original Enamelled Jewellery Set. ChicChica – Duda Sandals in Silver. Luxe – Pyramid Bangle and Ring in Silver. Mina – Shelley Hair.