The Power of Self (LoVe)


A Modern Cinderella Storyline


There comes a moment (don´t blink or you might miss it!) in the lifetime of all modern Cinderella´s when they discover they are not as helpless as they think. Able to tap into the fairy Godmother they all carry deep inside, they are empowered to look at things the way they really are in spite of all arguments to the contrary. They then take decisive actions and end up changing their lives.

Grant yourself a wish.  Become your own fairy godmother! Yeah?  L.C

As for the ´handsome´ prince? If he was only an illusion, the mere reflection of the soul he wished to control and then posses, then he´ll be covered in ashes, forgotten by that which he hoped to create.

Bob Sinclair – Cinderella

(She Said Her Name)

Style Info

Pic 1 & 3                    

One classic gown and two different ways to wear it. The Cinderella Gown is a classic strapless gown moulded to the torso from where an attached skirt opens out in a flow of perfect mesh.

It comes with the option to wear the ruffled rivet around the neckline, sleeves and  an overskirt attachment. The latter makes the gown even more regal(pic3).

It also comes with it´s own magic wand with or without particles and a blue diamond crown (not shown). On Pic 1 we are wearing it without the attachments for a more contemporary, go to any formal ball  look. In Maitreya, Slink and Belleza mesh sizes + standard avi.

Pic 2 & 3

A flowered crown headpiece and and matching wings which are part of the Mystical Wings Collection Gacha, turns cinderella into a self-empowered fairy. The set is available in several versions and colors and includes butterfly headpieces, roses headpieces, ear cuffs and wings.

Gizza – Cinderella Gown – magic wand + Mystical Wings Headpiece Roses in Ice and Wings in  Ice Roses (both rare @Fantasy Gacha Feb7-March 7). Truth – hair. Jumo – Mother of Dragons Ring. Liziaah – Flower Earrings (pic1).


Standing Up (Debout)

Gizza Sunny Beach

Recognizing how sad and unhappy ´ I thought´ I was, the wise man bought me a flower and in turn it got me to smile.

Since then, I´ve tried to pass on the same kindness almost every day  in different ways. Sometimes I fail but I keep trying.

Light or shadow, whichever it is, we´ll  pass it on and it´ll have a tendency to replicate and reproduce. The choice is always entirely ours.

Even a  single, small, kind gesture can have magical effects and change our lives forever.  It once did mine. I´m keeping that in mind and heart forever 🇫🇷

How will we change the world today?

Gizza Leather Skirt II

Claudio Capéo – Un Homme Debout

Style Info

Pic 1

An easy pleated dress that´s slightly A-line. With riveted straps and in an array of different color combinations.  An easy breeze summer style that can be style up or down.

Gizza – Sunny Beach Dress in Ethnic. LUXE – Jewelry. Hair by Elua. Sandals by JamBee.

Pic 2

A leather mini skirt that sits on the upper waist. Available in several color sets. I paired it with the previously released Halter Top in a different version than previously posted here!

Gizza – Adrianna Leather Skirt in Pastel Pearls + Black Leather Halter Top in Cool.  LUXE – Ring + Choker. FORTE – Bracelet. Hair by Wasabi Pills.

The Wall

VM Mayokini

The message below,  in Alicia Keys´ short film, reads clear.

It´s a valid viewpoint and perspective irregardless of the place we inhabit in the world.

Gizza DahliaLet Me In – We are Here

Alicia Keys – Short Film

Style Info

Pic 1

An inverted triangle swimsuit maillot. Strapless and printed in fantastic animal prints. It is cinched on the upper hip with a leather belt. Available in six different shades as well as in a ´Shine´version with an all colors HUD.

Vero Modero – Mayokini in Brown. Luxe – bracelet.  Hair by Lelutka.  Mesh Body – Slink. Mesh Head – Catwa. Trompe L´oeil lounger.

Pic 2

A dress that enhances every cleavage no matter how big or small. With a keyhole neckline, sleeveless and halter tied. Asymmetrical and ending in a deep ¨V¨ on the lower front and back. Printed in a mandala design and available in several colors.

Gizza – Dahlia Dress in Lilac.  Baiastice – Bracelet. Hair by Entwined. Shoes by Azoury.  Mesh Body – Maitreya. Mesh Head – Catwa. Lounger – Trompe L´oeil.