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A Vespa of a Dress


On top of the world on a Vespa´s road,

I stopped for the sights.

I lingered for more,

but then I realized

my heart had been robbed

Stolen for good.

Stolen and lost.

Style Info

A fun, retro sundress printed with kisses. It´s silhouette is super poised, feminine and in spite of it´s lenght, it made me feel very sexy. Available in several colours. The platformed Mary Janes with side bows go perfectly well with it, and they are colour controlled via HUD.

Although the eyeglasses are tinted in rose, in every picture I took on ultra, one side would photograph clear, depending on the light. Perhaps it´s a reminder to always keep an eye out for what´s real and stay grounded. They are available in two different colour versions.

Brigitte Bardot – Mambo Italiano

Ghee – Bésame Rockabilly Dress in Vanilla + Bésame Heels @ Designer´s Showcase February + Ghee – Rose Tinted Glasses Gacha Rares +  Ghee –  Simple Drop Pearl – Necklace in Gold + SG – Domus Ring. VA – Bento Cigarette. Doux – Britney Hair. What Next  – Vespa.



Beloved Trickster

What I wore on Mardi Gras and will wear again on Saturday

 Carnival songs and carnival ways

with  just a ¨lick-it¨ across the page

It suits me good, it suits me fine,

but then I´m home and I can´t get ´round

Matteo – Panamá

I actually had to have a day of rest in between each party night this carnival season. For those of us left with a little of a bug to party, we will have a chance again during the ¨Little Carnival¨(Carnavalito) this Saturday. In the meantime … drink lots of water and clean your Dansmarietjes dress  (Winks).

Style Info

Sleeveless and ruched cropped vest with a flirty miniskirt that sits below the waist and matching boots.  The top can be worn alone, with their nipple covers or with the triangle cover up it comes with. I am wearing it with Zaara underwear appliers.

Ghee – Majorette Top & Miniskirt + Majorette Boots + Ghee Bento Driving Glove @ The Darkness Event February.  Doux – Hair. VA – Bento Cigarette. Kalopsia – Victorian Mourning Hat. R.E Industries – Necklace.






Glowing in a soft asymmetrical, fluid dress with an added bonus.

Soft, asymmetrical, jersey-like-dress with a high neckline and long sleeves. It´s cut high on the left thigh and ties with a ribbon from where it then plunges to the right, ending below the knee.

One of it´s best features – and something I greatly appreciated – is that it incorporates a ¨tushy¨cover. What this means besides not flashing our bits around, is that the cover will not protrude from either the back or front of the dress as our avatar´s AO cycles through the different animations. It gets into place along with the dress itself!

Giz Seorn – Bowie Dress @ Cosmopolitan  + Oversized Cat Eyeglasses (Handheld).  SG – Domus Bento Ring. Vero Modero – Necklace (Vintage). Hair by Doux.


“Starman” – SpaceX