Standing Up (Debout)

Gizza Sunny Beach

Recognizing how sad and unhappy ´ I thought´ I was, the wise man bought me a flower and in turn it got me to smile.

Since then, I´ve tried to pass on the same kindness almost every day  in different ways. Sometimes I fail but I keep trying.

Light or shadow, whichever it is, we´ll  pass it on and it´ll have a tendency to replicate and reproduce. The choice is always entirely ours.

Even a  single, small, kind gesture can have magical effects and change our lives forever.  It once did mine. I´m keeping that in mind and heart forever 🇫🇷

How will we change the world today?

Gizza Leather Skirt II

Claudio Capéo – Un Homme Debout

Style Info

Pic 1

An easy pleated dress that´s slightly A-line. With riveted straps and in an array of different color combinations.  An easy breeze summer style that can be style up or down.

Gizza – Sunny Beach Dress in Ethnic. LUXE – Jewelry. Hair by Elua. Sandals by JamBee.

Pic 2

A leather mini skirt that sits on the upper waist. Available in several color sets. I paired it with the previously released Halter Top in a different version than previously posted here!

Gizza – Adrianna Leather Skirt in Pastel Pearls + Black Leather Halter Top in Cool.  LUXE – Ring + Choker. FORTE – Bracelet. Hair by Wasabi Pills.


8 thoughts on “Standing Up (Debout)

  1. Yes, the choice is always ours… so I’m giving you a virtual flower today – – the lotus can grow in very muddy water. At dusk black beetles sometimes come and nest in its flowers and the blossoms close up to shelter them through the night. In the morning, the flowers open again with the rising of the sun and the black beetles fly out. They really are horrible looking things but the beautiful lotus is so generous – even to such insects as those.

    1. Moz you are such a dearest!! You made me smile just as wide as when that man gave me a flower eons ago 😃. THANK YOU soon very much! Keeping the lotus with me. YAYYY!!! Psssttt … you are so funny too about those horrible thingies 😝 and that gave me a laugh. May your day and week and life be filled with love and laughter my friend! Blessings

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