Hush Hush Those Voices Go

Jumo Kate Front

Time can give us the power to overcome manipulation.  

Temptation on the other hand is a whole different story.

Jumo Press Release

It´s a pleasure to announce our New Mainstore location, abreast with amazing New Collections, Jewelry Sets, a dedicated Beauty area and great group gifts for our beloved members.

JUMO Fashion & Beauty is a fabulous and elegant brand with creations that emanate from the sophistication of our 100% Original Mesh Items.

We invite you to discover our new Location and we hope you enjoy the experience of this new journey with us.

JUMO Fashion your most glamorous and luxury experience around the grid.

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Style Info

Silk gown with an abstract and sumptuous design. Long sleeves are offset by the deep plunging neckline that goes all the way down to the waist.

The back also has quite an interesting bareness that is only broken by the soft caress of the fabric belt held together with a rectangular gold plated buckle matching the structural modern necklace up front.

Opening amply on the back, the sides remain close to the body with a deep slit between the legs that delves way into the high recesses of the thighs. The gown is available in several colors.

Jumo – Kate Gown in Black + Jewelry.  Hair by Lamb. Vitalis Animatum Poses – Gown Poses

Jumo Kate Back



A gown inspired by 16th century period pieces mixed up with a bit of 18th century romanticism and a touch of dark future decadence.

The  strapless ¨U¨ with no partlet,  tucks in at the waist from which tiers of heavy lace embroidery fall down in several layers down the train.

The pannier undergarment provides width on the sides. Two sets of flowers and pearls soften up the effect of the neck and shoulder harness. Available in many other jewel colors.

Jumo – Lady Gown in Marsala. Hair by Truth. Vitalis Animatum Poses – Avant Chic.

Jumo Lady

¨Til Tuesday – Voices Carry


Author: SLightly Fashionable

Landa Crystal is a dedicated VR Journalist & Writer, Fashion Critic & Blogger in Second Life®. Approaching the virtual world as an extension of her real life, she is a former Fashion Model in both her lives. In the physical, Landa has a background in Luxury Fashion, Marketing and Customer Service and has travelled extensively around the world. She is currently a Translator/Editor/Copy Writer and a Specialist Consultant for Customer Service and Sales.

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