Sanguis Draconis

Valentina Update

Lore had it she burnt a bit of the resin while looking out her window every night.

Style Info

The dress above was originally released a few months ago and very soon it became one of my favorites. I´ve  just rediscovered it! Reason? The designer released an updated version of it in several sizes, including fitted mesh as well as special editions for the Maitreya mesh body.

Automatically sending the updated version was already good enough of her but it did not end up at that and she went ahead sending all the available colors to her clients.  This is truly amazing customer service. The kind that not only instills loyalty but also undoubted admiration.

The dress is sleeveless and cut deeply into the waist along its sides giving you a peak of side boob. The skirt is shirred and yet it exudes the kind of ease and quality workmanship – in both the mesh and the fabric texture – that only authentic simplicity can achieve.

Valentina – Catch Me if You Can Dress in Navy.  Chary – Bracelet.  Yummy – Necklace.  Hair by Truth. Vitalis Animatum Poses – Black Friday.

Vero Modero
Vero Modero

Perhaps she carried it in her pockets for protection.

The quilted velvet like skirt is topped with faux fur sleeves.  It also comes with a mesh leather bustier that I did not wear in order to better render the delicacy of the lace bodysuit.

Although I´m not a great fan of layers, I so loved the impeccable texture on this one that I set the mesh body aside in order to better showcase it. The outfit is available in several color combos.

Vero Modero – Luna Skirt Set in Red. Azoury – Heels.  7891 – Ring. .Shi – Choker. Hair by Lamb. Vitalis Animatum Poses – Avant Chic.


In fact she used it to make the ink with which she inscribed a future she left behind.

A magnificent frothy gown in layer upon layer of transparent chiffon. Strapless, it follows the curves of the body where it matters most and then it opens out into royal glamour.

The gown is riveted in geometrical designs around the bodice and comes with low bubble sleeves that secure at elbow level.  It comes with impressive dragon inspired jewelry including a set of cuffs in case you want to forgo the sleeves opting for a more traditional approach.

Available in several colors; a set of beautiful high heel sandals for Slink Feet is included.

Jumo – Mother of Dragons Gown + Jewelry. Jumo Beauté – Desiree Eyeliner (detail below).  Hair by Lelutka. Vitalis Animatum Poses  – Gown Pose


Jumo Beauté
Jumo Beauté

Major Lazer – Powerful (feat. Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley)


Author: SLightly Fashionable

Landa Crystal is a dedicated VR Journalist & Writer, Fashion Critic & Blogger in Second Life®. Approaching the virtual world as an extension of her real life, she is a former Fashion Model in both her lives. In the physical, Landa has a background in Luxury Fashion, Marketing and Customer Service and has travelled extensively around the world. She is currently a Translator/Editor/Copy Writer and a Specialist Consultant for Customer Service and Sales.

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