Shaking by Candlelight


He had been a mild pyromaniac in his childhood.  Would it still be ok to dine by candlelight? His sister had advised against it.

Style Info:

A super versatile ensemble.  The slightly oversize tank top is perfectly slouched over a sexy bra top.  The skirt is a mini that ends with fringe just above the knee.

In spite of wearing it with a mesh body, the fringe seems to fit without transparent areas or body parts protruding.  Brilliant!

Gizza – Joy Fringe Skirt in Black Leather. Joy Racerback Tank in Cotton and Leather Bra.  Maitreya – Booties. Epoque – Bracelet. Kungler´s – Necklace & earrings + .Shi – Single Earring. Lelutka – Hair.


Later on the next day, she remembered her Friday night date, still enthralled … still dazed.

Style Info:

Low slunged tapered trousers and an-out-of-the-ordinary tailored jacket with small shoulder pads and hanging sleeves.

To be worn with a sexy top underneath or an oversize necklace.  The suit is available in different colors so you can wear them matched or not depending on your mood and preference.

Although I am wearing it with a mesh body, I highly recommend that you wear it with a system avi and the alpha layers that come with the ensemble in order to avoid shoulder blades showing thru on this particular style.

Gizza – Petra Jaket and Pants in Cream. Mandala – Necklace. Lelutka – Hair.


The voice that called her back into the forest, was the same one she had heard so many years before.

Style Info:

Silk halter gown with embellished string ties,  cut very low on the back. Although the style has been done before, the texture is absolutely luxurious and it comes with a unique added bonus: A romantic flower stole and head piece.

Gizza – Hydrangea Gown in Cream.  Jumo – Orient Bracelets.   Yummy – Earrings.

Jack White – Shakin´



Author: SLightly Fashionable

Landa Crystal is a dedicated VR Journalist & Writer, Fashion Critic & Blogger in Second Life®. Approaching the virtual world as an extension of her real life, she is a former Fashion Model in both her lives. In the physical, Landa has a background in Luxury Fashion, Marketing and Customer Service and has travelled extensively around the world. She is currently a Translator/Editor/Copy Writer and a Specialist Consultant for Customer Service and Sales.

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