Practical Priestess


A misticism drenched robe.  Although it´s available in several colors the white robe with its silver rivets appealed to my priestess side.

Zenith – Hun Archmage Antler in Begie.  The Forge – Harvest Moon in Gold Necklace. Peqe – Statue Robe in White.  The dress can be worn with or without the sleeves for added versatility.


Author: SLightly Fashionable

Landa Crystal is a dedicated VR Journalist & Writer, Fashion Critic & Blogger in Second Life®. Approaching the virtual world as an extension of her real life, she is a former Fashion Model in both her lives. In the physical, Landa has a background in Luxury Fashion, Marketing and Customer Service and has travelled extensively around the world. She is currently a Translator/Editor/Copy Writer and a Specialist Consultant for Customer Service and Sales.

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