Nick of Time


Dear Friends,

The dress pictured in this story will still be available for purchasing until Midnight tonight SL time in order to benefit Doctor´s Without Borders @ The SOS Festival!

I also want to share with you an email I received from one of the most important persons in my life. We have been friends for as long as I can remember.  I am sharing her letter with her beautiful permission.

¨The other day, as I was having a wonderful dinner –  reminiscent of old days at the beach with you –  listening to Marc Cohn music in the background and enjoying good wine –  I wished you would have been here to share this special moment with me … Life changes in unexpected ways and trying to make sense of things, sometimes is useless.  I want to share with you a story about me that you do not know.

It started with my mother and her best friend Lara in the 70’s.  Two young professional women with small children; Lara became my mum´s best North American friend. They remained very good friends until they passed away in … Fast forward to November 1991 …

When I was studying for  my Master´s Degree in the United States, they tried to set me up with Lara’s youngest son. We had all of course, met as children, but as you can imagine we wanted nothing to do with each other … even if our mums  were best friends.

We avoided meeting again and came up with a million excuses, to no avail. Our mothers called EVERY DAY –  there were no cell phones at the time, remember? –  to insist that we met, as “I was alone and did not know anyone.”  We finally got together, the last day of his week there … and our life as we knew it, changed forever.

It was truly magical; we fell in love with each other and it felt as if we had known each other forever. I was 22, he was 24. We dated for about 6 months, between one state and another, but things changed when Jean Pierre ( a persistent suitor, disliked by the rest of us!)  showed up at my place.  After about ten months, I  sent Jean Pierre back to our country …  and I saw Harry one more time about a year later.

By then he was starting to date someone so I stepped out of the picture … for good. Life happened … Marriage, children, divorces…

Never heard from him again … but I continued seeing his mother who came to visit with my mother whenever I was living in the U.S.A.   She came over when George  ( her son ) was born, and I went to her house whenever my mother came to visit.

The last time I saw her was about three weeks before she passed away.  My mum was here  and I drove her to see her friend so they could spend a few days together.  Three weeks later I went to her funeral; my mum had already returned to our country, so I went to pay my respects on her behalf.  Of course I saw Harry for a few minutes after the service but I left right away. He had his wife and two boys with him.  That was almost 13 years ago.

Thirty five years after we first met as children, he showed up at my office in july.  I almost died when I got the message he was looking for me. We knew nothing about each other, except for marriage and kids … When we finally met, it was thunderbolts all over again … magical, peaceful, naturally seamless to talk and catch up.

It is also weird that the we do things exactly the same. We have been together ever since. He has met George  and he likes him very much. He approves! I am extremely happy.  It has been so easy being together, as if we had  never  been apart.

Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous and pretty impossible to believe, but the truth is, I can actually say he is the love of my life, and we happened to find each other after building separate lives for 35 years.  We don’t have another 35 years to wait, so here we are, building a life together for whatever the  time we have left on this earth.

I soooo very much would love to share some of our time with you my sister! So here you have it, a new chapter in my life has begun and I intend it to be the best, after George´s chapter … the other love of my life.

And as George said, ¨ God intended for me to have a Neill in my life, just not the Neill that you know (her former husband).  His name is Harry O´Neill  !!!

Your friend and sister always!


My dear Emmaline will be arriving along with Harry to visit with me this week. Perhaps their story will give some others hope!

xox, Landa



Bonnie Raitt – Nick Of Time

Style Info

Elegant strapless dress with an hexagon print. Available in several colors.

AlaskaMetro – Grace Dress in Charcoal/Ivory & Ivory/Mint. Available until midnight today SL Time at The SOS Festival. All Jewelry and Accessories by Real Evil. Hair Pic 1 – Entwined at Shiny Shaby. Hair Pic 2 – Mina. Arte – Eyeshadow @ SOS Festival. 

Safe Harbours. Mirrored Lights


At the dead end point, just in time to face a more mature reality,

I arrived at the most forgotten harbour.

With a clearer vision and a purer heart, toughened up and sharp, but still open … giving,

I knew I was home.


Shedding off the skin of the empty walls,

wounded healers stand never looking back;

arriving at safe ports in the mirrored light.


Brigitte – L’échappée belle

Style Info

Pic 1

Flower power printed skinny jeans with back and front pockets and cuffed hems.  It comes with a HUD to change the prints (solid color versions also available) and is available in an array of mesh body ready sizes.    The top is the solid color version of this summer´s  crocheted top (link here) which also comes with a color change HUD.

Gizza – Nicky Skinny Jeans in Floral + Leather Halter Top in Cool.  LODE – Flowers. David Heather – Bag. Forte – Bracelet. Hair by Wasabi Pills.

Pic 2

Lingerie set with high cut ´culottes´ crowed with a garter belt and camellia mesh detail. The top has a cup-less bra with lace panels and short sleeves. The back of the underpants is solid.  The set comes with appliers for mesh bodies as well as layers for the system Avi.

Gizza – Never Be Forgotten Appliers.  RE – Jewelry. Lode – Flowers. Hair by Monso.

Pic 3

A gorgeous dress that can be as formal as necessary. The body is applier based and has a see through upper panel,  3/4 length sleeves and it´s full of intricate detail. The full short skirt is mesh and solid.

Gizza – Aubrey Lace Set.  RE – Jewelry. Hair by Lamb.

In this story body by Maitreya. Head by Catwa.


Upstairs in The Basement


What we regard as normality is our collective, protective madness, in which we repress the grim truth about the human condition.” – Ernest Becker Join Jason.


What can I say to that?

Could this apply to virtual and online only interactions as well ?

Kungs – Don´t You Know

Style Info

Pic 1

Short asymmetrical dress in silk with a bare and tiered front. It comes with an all color HUD.

Vero Modero – Delight Dress. KC – Sandals. Analog Dog – Hair. Mandala – rings.

Pic 2

Sleeveless and draped gown cut with a deep ¨V¨ neckline. It also comes with an color HUD.

Vero Modero – Trinity Gown. KL  – Earrings. LaGyo – Ring. Hair by Analog Dog . Cigarette by Digital Dragon (please don´t try  smoking in the physical realm!)