Shooting in The Dark

VM Dark Dress

¨You are so obviously wrong that I can´t possibly be right.

For everything else there is always any other form and

side of extremism waving its ugly head from one end,

´till the end.¨


Rapture Zoe

Moby – Extreme Ways

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Pic 1

This gown has already been shown in several facets and different takes during its original release for the SWANK Event. So I thought I could perhaps use it as wearable backdrop to this post´s tittle.

The gown has a very low neckline that goes all the way down to below the navel. It comes with several optional prim attachments: feathered sleeves, a tulip, layered skirt that goes from mid thigh all the way down, and an oversized, asymmetrical, single sleeve attachment.  Click here for a picture of the full gown. Available in two versions. The one on the link and the one above.

Vero Modero – Dark Side Dress in Black. Truth – Headpiece + Hair. Charm – Collar.

Pic 2

The latest release from RAPTURE™.  A deconstructed top with slits up the side. It crunches up a little bit giving it a more natural shape. Sleeveless,  with a boatneck and an organic print down the front.

RAPTURE™ – Zoe Top in Obsidian. Mutresse – Boots. .Shi – Jewelry. Mina– Hair.


All make-up in this story by Bold & Beauty.


Ghee Vintage

We Are What We Are

Sometimes deep and profound changes around us can come at an accelerated rate leaving us wondering what kind of storm we´ve just survived.

Oftentimes they can lead to much needed growth, the kind that leaves us painfully sore, because some of these changes can be devastatingly brutal and hard.

Internal changes however are a little trickier to deal with for me and they are  usually the result of a moment of luminosity, in which for at least a second everything´s clear.

Opening my eyes, and getting mad over having been taken advantage of or having been manipulated and used, then propelling change within myself is the normal train of reaction, but I am not really used to dealing with the feeling of zero tolerance over self righteousness that has lately invaded my very core.

Almost as if I was willing the change I long for not just in me but outside myself, the place I live and the world I inhabit,  which is something I really have no control over whatsoever. Is this enough to make me a control freak? … Perhaps.

Will I regain my ¨sanity¨, my patience and sweet demeanor on the face of long identified personal and worldwide manipulators, liers, users, social climbers, so called ¨friends,¨ enemies, frenemies, corrupt politicians and business people? I don´t think so!!!

It´s time for the entire world to wake up and change as a whole. We really have no other choice than to evolve and change our nasty ways or we´ll soon be shown the door!

Blueberry Michelle

John Legend, The Roots – Wake Up Everybody Ft. Melanie Fiona & Common

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Pic 1

It´s a strapless dress indeed but unlike any other one that I ´ve ever tried on in SL. The fit is definitely very Dolce & Gabbana. The neckline is cut lower than most other dresses. It is paneled in different textures and colors and it has a diaphanous scarf hanging around the neck then twisting down. Available in several color combinations.

Ghee – Blue Vintage Silk Poppy Sheath Dress and scarf.   Available @The Instruments until May 25th.  Liziaah – Earrings.  Lelutka – Hair.

Pic 2

A cross between a maillot and bikini. Elegant and sober yet sexy. This is definitely my kind of suit and the feel is a bit like my own Eres Maillot from RL. Available in all the colors of the rainbow!

Blueberry – Michelle Swimsuit in Brown. Liziaah – Earring. Magika – Hair.  Searf + Alme – The nudes Manicure and Pedicure.


Rapture Lia III

Eventually we all lose our ¨falsies.¨

They fall, then roll on the ground and blow !

Rayne Orchid

Samba de la Muerte – You´ll Never Know When I lie

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Pic 1

Silk jersey, sleeveless mini dress with a dropped cowled neckline held down from underneath with a weight in haute couture style. The dress comes in different colors and in an organic  print.

RAPTURE™ – Lia Dress in Yellow.  Luxe – Jewelry. Hair by Truth.

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Pic 2

Beautiful strapless dress with no falsies required!  Cut close to the body and ending about four inches above the knee. It comes in several prints and colors. It´s a re-opening VIP gift and it comes with two styles of Sunglasses (not shown).

Rayne Couture – Orchid Dress in Red & White. Jewelry by Luxe. Hair by Lamb. Headpiece – Lode