Keep On Dreaming

Gizza Jody Denim

Dreams living in our heads, held dearly in our hearts.

Reality must be first imagined before it can transcend down into our physicality.



Never lose sight of a better world.  

This may come easy in our early childhood until one day we wake up to realise that somewhere along the road we stopped dreaming, hoping…wishing. The usual results are stale.

At the risk of coming through as still naive or idealistic…we MUST keep dreaming.  It keeps us alive and it´s the basis of my faith in the general nobility of the human race in this world.

Never give it up.

Gizza Poppy Lace Lingerie_004

Cold Play – A Head Full of Dreams

Style Info

Pic 1:

Cuffed up shorts worn low on the hip and unbuttoned for comfort topped with and over-cropped, short sleeved shirt. Both are available in a vast array of colors and the shirt also comes in different patterns. In specific mesh body sizes as well as fitted mesh.

Gizza – Jody Denim Shorts in Blue + Lottie Knotted Shirt in Plaid Red. Izzie´s – Bracelets. Hair by Truth.

Pic 2

A lingerie corseted top with armatures curving on the bodice that ends with garters hanging down. Underneath? a matching slip. Highly detailed and yet this an applier that comes optimized for different mesh bodies.

Gizza – Poppy Lace Lingerie in Blue.  N-core – High Sandals.  Lode – Hand Held Flowers. Chop Zuey – Choker and Necklace. Hair by Analog Dog.

Do You Need a Restart?


Get help, walk out. Let the abuser carry his shame.

Leave it behind. It´s not yours.

Eventually you will heal and love again!


The Don´t Touch Me group (No Me Toques) brings forth the START AGAIN (Volver a Empezar) Campaign against all types of gender violence during the month of August.

It´s message is one of faith in our ability to walk away from abusive partners, boyfriends, friends.  It sustains the hope of a better future for all women concerned.

Why? …  Because today´s statistics are shocking!

  • In this 21st century,  1 in 3 women  worldwide still experiences physical violence.

  • 70% of women worldwide have experienced physical abuse of some kind.

  • 43% of women have experienced psychological abuse in the European Union alone.

  • 250 million women worldwide are child brides and married before the age of 15.

  • A minimum of 200 million women and girls alive today have had their genitals mutilated in thirty different countries.

  • 1 out of 10 women in the European Union alone, have been victims of cyber-harassment through unwanted, offensive, sexually explicit emails or chats and  through other forms of social media (me included).

Source: United Nations


Sigma & Rita Ora – Coming Home

Style Info

Celestina´s Weddings and Alter offer two group gifts to celebrate the Start Again Campaign.

On Bazz:

A luxe hippie way to style an otherwise rigorously elegant but modern two piece suit. Skinny pants with plenty of pockets and a double wrap slim belt with a vest that mirrors the pant´s many details.  A cuffed up white shirt and slim tie give it an interesting haute laissez-faire attitude that makes it truly versatile!

Alter – Pepe Men´s Double Breast Vest Outfit in Black. The Boutique – Ring. Hoorenbeek – Shoes. Chop Zuey – Bracelet. Hair by Damselfly. Mesh Head and Body by TMP.

On Landa:

An amazing, couture style, graceful, black gown with a plunging neckline and a low cut back. It follows the sinuosity of the body and comes with an ornate  diamond brooch attachment which crowns the many diaphanous layers of the bodice´s draping and ends hanging loosely from the  front.  Diamond earrings, ring and matching shoes are included. The outfit is available in standard sizes,  fitted and in several mesh body sizes too.

CW – London Dress Black (Group Gift) with Earrings + Ring + Brooch + Pumps.  Bandit – Wedding Ring Combo. Hair by Truth.  Mesh Body – Maitreya. Head – Catwa.



Join us and spread the word. Help us create a better future for all!  Click on the links below for more information:






The Distance´s in The Eyes

Byrne Donna II

Ten thousand miles away, she turned around and found him there.

When her phone buzzed just a second later she knew they had both experienced the same.


Gwen Stefani – Send me a Picture

Style Info

Pic 1

One-shoulder Grecian style triangular mini tunic that ties around the upper waist and bosom. Available in several intense colors exclusively @ Marvelous Event Monthly. For classic avatars in standard sizes, fitted mesh, Slink,Maitreya and Belleza. There is a 25% discount for the event that started on August 1st.

Byrne – Donna Dress in Aqua/Cobalt. Cae – Headband. Jewelry by LUXE. Hair by Lelutka.

Pic 2

Clockwise from Left.

#1) High waisted skirt. It ties around with a big fabric draped ribbon on the back and ends in an asymmetrical ruffle.  The top is off the shoulders, cropped and it criss-crosses across the chest where  it ties and ends right under the bosom.  The three tiered chocker is the perfect accessory for it, with its metal wires crowned by cylindrical shapes.

Byrne – Gaia Collection Sunny in Black/Teal.  Liziaah – L´art ring + Deluxe Necklace. Hair by Entwined.

2) Elizabethan collared gown that opens on the front and back exposing the legs.

Byrne – Ilaju Dress in Black/Teal. Liziaah – Mesh Dainty Pearls Necklace. Hair by Entwined.

3) Inspired in the traditional kimono, this is a very short dress that balances out by its very long sleeves.  The beautiful and  intricate headdress is included.

Byrne – Tokyoska Dress and Headdress in Teal/Blackl.  (4)Liziaah – Flower Earrings. Hair by Lamb.

Head by CATWA + Maitreya Mesh body