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Style Info

An assymetrical  dress that´s  both formal and informal.  A mini dress topped with a printed long dress and  both with a U neckline. Available at Sneak Peek (landmark above).

Asteria – Amaya Formal Mini Gown in Red Zebra.  Exclusively Available at Sneak Peek.  Jumo -  Carthagen Bracelet in Denim + Durban Bangle, ring and Necklace in Red. The Boutique – Ruby Rings.  TMP – Mesh Body. Truth – Hair.




A ship arrives for repairs at a nearby area island that has become the base of operations for the next so called ¨campaign¨.    Heavy with its cargo:  A master Welsh privateer (he said), his crew, one Obeah, unlucky prisoners and slaves.  

Repairing it will take some time.  By the time it  was ready to sail, the seeds of a new enclave in the Americas had already been planted right upon the mix of races there onboard.  

Reality sometimes bigger and more amazing than fiction, their legacy lives on even as they keep fighting each other to this very day.

Note: The ship eventually sank later … much, much, later.

Their descendants live on.


Style Info

Silk taffeta with a hint of stretchy fabric texture was used in the stripped high waisted shorts.

The delicate top is cotton linen textured with ruffles atop the off the shoulders neckline and wrists.  Available in other color combinations, the outfit comes with a pair of matching thigh high boots with lace ups on the back as a bonus.

I did however find the outfit on itself so hot already that I decided to go without them to tone down the unexpected … cough, cough … charm!

Smesh! – B&W Hottie outfit.  Vero Modero – Roses Eye patch (part of The Bono Black Dress).  Glamistry – Pumps in Black.  MudHoney – Sofa and Rug

 Morgan The Pirate – Ian Matthews

Hello, hey buddy, wanna thank you for the ride
Don’t know how I would have made it without you
Had to push when you got busted, had to help you get adjusted
Had to pick up pieces after you’d been through.

But you had to have assistance in confirming your existance
And establishing resistance to the one or two hard feelings
One or two hard feelings
One or two hard feelings left behind.

It’s alright brother, have to thank you for the fun
Don’t know how I’ll even find my way alone
There were all the friends around you, there were some who claimed they found you
And a few who helped construct your favourite role.

Well you saw your queen embrace her, in the process you amaze her
And if I may paraphrase her, there are one or two hard feelings
One or two hard feelings
One or two hard feelings left behind.

So sit tight buddy, let me say it’s been a groove
Don’t know how I’ll climb this ladder by myself
Just because it’s kinda broke it doesn’t mean you’d overlook it
Or expect me up above and giving hand.

After all the lights were blinking in the headline of your thinking
While your open eye was winking at the one or two hard feelings
One or two hard feelings
One or two hard feelings left behind.

Well so long brother, let me say it’s been a ball
But as long as you’re still climbing then I resign
You have been an inspiration to your image’s creation
So I think I’ll step outside and I’ll pass the time.

Well you been at your debuting, now you’re ready for renewing
And there’s no time for undoing just the one or two hard feelings
One or two hard feelings
One or two hard feelings left behind.

And it’s bye-bye buddy, let me say it once again
I appreciate your velvet helping hand
Even though you never gave it, well I’m sure you had to save it
For the gestures of the friends you understand.

Now you’ve gotten even higher and become your own supplier
And the number one denier of the one or two hard feelings
One or two hard feelings
One or two hard feelings left behind.




Sometimes acting a certain way can bring about change, even when it´s just acting.  That forced smile we regale others with out of politeness can all of a sudden turn into a genuine one just to name one example.  

Other times, people´s perceptions about us can start us thinking about a pathway we never intended to take.  It gets us thinking about it as an actual possibility and once the idea has found its way into our heads  it begins to open us to other futures and other possible versions of our ourselves.  

The entire process can take us into either dismissing the idea altogether (how many times can we actually achieve this before we do succumb to the temptation?) or learning something deeper about ourselves.

In any case I wonder if the mere act of questioning can bring about change and turn so called false perceptions into realities.  Most likely, I think, they just contribute to our opening of doors and give us a little push to embark on that road less taken … the road back home.

Style Info

Printed Silk dress shirt with slits up the sides, topped by a knitted long sleeve half sweater.  It comes with a long pearl necklace and a three roses brooch.  A perfect spring ensemble for the coming season.

Gizza – Kate Dress in Beige + Necklace + Brooch.  LaGyo – Ring.  Glamistry – Pumps.  TMP – Mesh Body.  Trompe L´Oeil – Chair.


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