If, nothing but the story of the polarization of our world, Star Wars is; then balance, the key is.

Hum, Yeesssssss.


Style Info:

A sexy top that´s suited for space travel and is a little bit ¨Jetson-y.¨  With a round neck and pointy straight out shoulder sleeves, its cut is asymmetrical.

The sides are ripped open in a masterfully neat way and it drapes upon itself on one of the sides revealing the under color of the piece.

The quilted leather texture is geometrical in an artful crop circle style. Wear it on its own, with tights, pants or a slip and high boots as above.

Available in Silver, Black and Taupe, all worthy of a current day Princess Leia.

RAPTURE™– Medalia Top in Silver. Available at The Instruments. Erratic – Bikini Bottoms. Maitreya – Boots. Hair and Crown by Lelutka. Poses by Vitalis Animatum – Sci-Fi

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When you look at the dark side careful you must be, for the dark side looks back…humm

Master Yoda

The gown above is certainly meant for a queen. It has an intricate set of two patterns; on the silky under gown as well as on the brocade like leather strapless overcoat.  The latter opens out at the low waist and sides.

“Amadala” is an elegantly styled, full-length creation rendered in sumptuous, engraved leather fabrics. A rich, teal gown with a regal empire waist which is enveloped by a dramatic overdress in contrasting crimson leather with graceful angel half fluted sleeves.

The generously draped hooded shawl, worn over the head, adds just the right touch of grandeur to this exquisite ensemble. It is embellished by a set of round armatures to hold the two side chignons in place, Padme style.

Make up is included!

Ghee – Amadala Engraved Leather Gown. Available at The Instruments. .Shi – Tikka. Rowne – Hair Base. Vitalis Animatum Poses – Sci-Fi

Vienna Philharmonic Orchstra

Princess Leia´s Theme and The Imperial March



In your house I´ll follow your rules.

In my house you will follow mine. 

Simple Deal?

Originally created for The Instruments, the exclusive item is now available at the Main Store. The mini dress has leather straps and buckles across its stretch lycra bodice beginning high on the round neckline.

The paneled sleeves, in soft leather, have a contrasting hue in the same color family as the dress. Two futuristic metal panels adorn the front of the otherwise minimalist dress.

Dia II

RAPTURE™ – Dia Dress in Coal. Ghee – Gumball Black Pearl Earrings. Mons – Ring. Hair by Tableau Vivant.

All Poses in this story by Vitalis Animatum – Hip Poses.

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ZAZ – Cette Journée

Mad Circus

Ahhhh La Folie de Grandeur

Taking a firm stand and loving our enemies is not mutually exclusive. L.C

If I don´t  post today, I will never post again and the inaction and  feelings of impotence will soon bury me, taking over.

These pictures were captured last Thursday and I was to post them on Friday, November the 13th, 2015.  However, after having frantically searched (successfully) for my family and friends in Paris, I felt completely ¨vide¨.

Fashion, art, creativity and all the things I love, seemed like a banality that I could not afford, should not afford.  The pictures remained on my desktop; the inspiration for their simple one-liner, forgotten in the midst of this confusion.

The recent attacks in Kenya, Egypt, Lebanon, Paris, Afghanistan and many other places since this whole thing started, have at its roots very complex issues that continue to result in senseless, medieval, inhumane brutality instigated by many unknown factors.

In the middle of all this, many people have questioned why the news and social media in the west have not done more to identify and sympathize with victims of the attacks committed elsewhere. Why do we react so strongly over France? Why do we post the French Flag cover over our profile picture and not the Kenyan? Why don´t we protest like that over our own domestic  problems in our countries of origin or residence?

Effortless Elegance

Effortless Elegance

The reality is that the media DID cover the other tragedies, but perhaps, just perhaps,  we weren´t paying enough attention?  The media will turn its head towards the place where our attention lingers. Additionally it may ¨appear¨ to some like we identify more with France simply because of cultural similarities within the western general culture.

The knowledge that I am not a politically savvy person – nor a professional historian –  does not escape me. But just as in the times of Nazi Germany we all need to be a bit more careful. This begins by questioning everything and everyone, by thinking and examining and not jumping to the often too obvious conclusions, opening our frequently wide shut eyes.  

Realizing that things are not just as simple as we would often like to believe and that issues which affect one country will affect the whole of the world one way or another, either today or some day.  

During WWII the Jewish people were the biggest and largest ethnic group sacrificed.  The approximate 3 to 5M ¨forgotten¨other deaths consisted of, among others, homosexuals, gypsies, dissidents of all religious denominations, the diseased, as well as those used for unspeakable experiments and tortures .

It´s affecting us all because an attack on one person is an attack on all of humanity.

Looking back at our common history, we might remember that the French Revolution spurred the independence of many Latin American Countries. The Libertador Simón Bolivar lived in France and learnt the language, then came back to the Americas to campaign for freedom and liberty.

Before that, Voltaire, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Diderot and many other great French Philosophers and Thinkers during the Enlightenment, were the inspiration behind the American War of Independence as well as for the separatists movements in the rest of  the American Continent.

France was at the time, the fundamental source of western idealism upon which the national constitutions of many of our countries were built. The desire for a better life gloriously sprouting from ¨La Déclaration de Droits de L´Homme et du Citoyen¨- The Declaration of The Rights of Man and of the Citizen – the French document that although created by an appointed  committee was largely influenced by the Marquis de Lafayette and the American Thomas Jefferson.  Over one hundred years later this was the template  for the Declaration of The Universal Human Rights after WWII.



What I mostly see in this is that attacking Paris was an act filled with symbolism aimed at furthering the divisions in an already divided country, the continent and the world.  Its goal is to create further dissent, bigotry, separatism, mistrust and hate.

An attack aimed to wound the old symbol of liberty, freedom and at least in theory, of the natural human aspirations of ¨Liberté, égalité, fraternité¨ (liberty, equality, fraternity) and this also should never be forgotten.

Divide and Conquer is a well known maxim in the art of war. Will we allow this?

Paris, the cosmopolitan city.  Culturally rich, magnetic, ablaze with people who originate from all over the world. A place full of those who are descendants of many other nationalities, who come from different backgrounds, with different races and religious beliefs.  Paris, the City of LIGHT. France, the country of enlightenment, enchantment, magnificent art, subtle refinement, diplomacy and sophistication.

La France – as well as the rest of the world – is left to decide if it will unite as a single, strong people,  independently of their origins or descent. The key to this is to stand together amongst our many differences glued together by one common denominator: OUR HUMANITY.

They are, we are, All Parisians. I am, you are, we are all French, all Kenyans, Syrians, Jewish, Egyptians, Russians, Lebanese, Turkish; the list goes on and on. We are all one people, one single race and together we must stand if we are to overcome.

One single barbaric act  affects us all demanding that we take a firm stand without joining in their hatred.

Thank you for reading.

In Memory of all victims of terrorism and injustice in France and around the world.

John Lennon – Imagine (Paris 13 Novembre 2015)

Style Credits:

Photo 1:

Gizza – Cute & Crazy Leggings in Pastel + Cute & Crazy Sweater in Cute but Crazy.  Azoury – Crown. Hair by Little Bones.

Photo 2:

Gizza – Desi Cocktail Dress in Black + Paddy Clutch with Color Changing HUD. Ghee – Gumball  Black Pearl Earrings. Hair by Tableau Vivant.


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