She stood there at the back end of a trendy hotel where she could grab him upon his exit from the stage.  It was the most unlikely place for the meeting.

 It was time to get back.  He was already past due to return where he really belonged; but, he would not hear anything about it.  

She pointed to the fact that his family was about to get exterminated due to the power struggles of a certain unwelcomed individual.  

His whole body trembled in pain but, he was certain that she was lying and he left without returning a single word.

Glitter – L.A Lady Tube Mesh Dress Glitter Blue:  Strapless mesh gown with intricate detailed encrusted paillettes and a side wind sweeping, almost transparently veiled prim attachment that gives it a refreshing and yet familiar old SL feel.

Yummy – Necklace.  JPB – Ring.

Soda Stereo – Cuando Pase el Temblor

(When The Tremor´s Over)

 I, will walk amongst the stones
Until I feel the tremor between my legs
Sometimes I´m fearful, I know
Sometimes, I´m shamed
Oh oh oh
I´m, sitting on a desert crater
still waiting for the tremor in my body
Nobody saw me leave, I know
Nobody waits for me 
Oh oh oh
There is a crack in my heart
There is a planet on dissolution
I know what I will find in those ruins
We will not have to talk it over
Of the tremor…
I will kiss you during the tremor (I know)
It will be a good time
Oh oh oh
There is a hole in my heart
A planet in dissolution
Oh oh oh
The tremor  (wake me up)
When the tremor is over…


All day she was hard at work locating her target´s coordinates and making sure the meeting would take place.

Updating their frequencies to make sure they matched to perfection, she made sure they would not become invisible to the other.

With everything set into place she walked in firmly thru the darkened corridor,

past the velvet curtains finding herself in a lofty club circa 2007.

The stage was on while the people danced and turning in her coat at the door she was swaying to the rhythm

when she spotted target Tango #1.



Outfit 1

Glitter – Nisha Outift

Slightly Tapered Palazzo like trousers with a cropped vest in gold and black stripes.  It comes with a golden metallic belt  (not shown).

Chary – Cuffs

Outfit 2

M&M - Shelena dress Flowers

Spanish mantilla inspired asymmetrical dress.    Deep scooped neckline, low back with an asymmetrical skirt.  Perfect for a ¨Bailaora¨ or a night out on the town. Bliss – bracelets.  Mandala – Earrings. Lode – Hair Flower



Extremely aware of her travels forward in time,

she quickly pulled up her cleavage and smiled just so she could

desperately divert the attention of all those passerby’s … Unfortunately she didn´t succeed

and making herself pass as the hostess for a tourist trap  she had to improvise … ¨this way please¨

Glitter –  Vamp Night Gown:  

A modern gown with a period feeling.  The loose top, ties at the neck to keep the shoulder line up.  Trumpet sleeves give it a true medieval/gothic feel.  The detail that makes it perfect for then and now:  A latex corset to keep things tight while pulses race.

The Gown comes with a HUD that allows you to change its color.  Just perfect to wear during October and then some more because of its proven versatility, modern flair and medieval mystery.  Oblivion – Middle Age Hair & Lace Head Cover Mantilla.  Lassitude – Necklace



As soon as the last passerby left she ran back to the nearby Shítáng

where she had previously left her modern clothing hiding between the partition

and the wall of a powder room.  She was ready for her mission.

M&M – Gala White Mesh Coat

Short modern trench like coat/dress.  White, with leather trims in black and belted at the low waist. It makes one feel ready for every kind of action while remaining elegantly dressed.  Cannibelle  Paris Skyline Tights.  Unisex hair – .Shi

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